• 21Apr

    1/2 c. raw walnuts
    1 1/2 c. pine nuts, soaked several hours
    1 c. organic raisins or GOJI BERRIES – submitted by Rachel
    6 T. raw carob
    1 T. coconut oil
    2 T. lemon juice
    1/2 c. pecans, crushed for decoration

    Combine all in food processor, except for the pecans. Mix until it forms a dough and press dough into 8 inch glass dish. Smooth and sprinkle with pecans. Chill for at least 2 hours to become firm. Cut into squares and serve.

  • 16Apr

    1 Tbsp Navitas Naturals Coconut Palm Sugar
    2 tsp Navitas Naturals Raw Maca Powder
    1 Cup Almond Milk
    2 Oranges
    1 Tbsp Nutiva Coconut Oil
    2 tsp Vanilla

    Add the almond milk, peeled oranges, and Nutiva Coconut Oil into the blender. Add Navitas Naturals Coconut Palm SugarNavitas Naturals Raw Maca Powder, vanilla, and a scoop of ice and blend! Then serve! Makes 2!

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  • 14Apr

    The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers Of The World barefootcollege barefootcollege·83 videos 684

  • 13Apr


    BKS Iyengar: Body and soul

    The yoga guru most followed in the world, turns 95. We look at how Iyengar Yoga evolved as a brand, in a non-brand way

    Iyengar does not really answer my question about being able to go on and on, offering instead a distilled view of what he practises and shares with the world. “Regarding perfection, that’s a very difficult question. I can say that I have superseded most in my sadhana (devoted practice). I am in it, and my mind and my intelligence gets better in my sadhana, and it reaches a certain place. When I stretch, I stretch in such a way that my awareness moves, and a gate of awareness finally opens. When I still find some parts of my body that I have not found before, I tell myself, yes I am progressing scientifically. My body is a laboratory, you can say. I don’t stretch my body as if it is an object. I do yoga from the self towards the body, not the other way around.”

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  • 12Apr

    The worst of the worst by Environmental Working Group.  Get rid of these.


    You may be surprised!

    For example:

    Comet Disinfectant Cleanser Powder
    emitted 146 different chemicals,
    including some thought to cause cancer, asthma and reproductive disorders.
  • 06Apr


    8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science

     The Earth may not be flat nor is it the center of the universe, but that doesn’t mean old-world intellectuals got everything wrong. In fact, in recent years, modern science has validated a number of teachings and beliefs rooted in ancient wisdom that, up until now, had been trusted but unproven empirically.

    A full 55 pages of Arianna Huffington’s new book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, are dedicated to these scientific breakthroughs that often confirm the power of ancient psychology and contemplative practices. On an intuitive level, we’ve known for centuries that these lifestyle practices can help us lead happy, healthy and balanced lives. But now, with the support of hard science, we can embrace these pieces of ancient wisdom and start really living them.

    Here are eight ancient beliefs and practices that have been confirmed by modern science.

    Helping others can make you healthier.

    In their never-ending search for the best way to live, Greek philosophers argued over the relative benefits of hedonic and eudaimonic happiness. Hedonic well-being sees happiness as a factor of increased pleasure and decreased pain, while eudaimonic (“human flourishing”) happiness has more to do with having a larger purpose or meaning in life. A recent study from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill psychologist Barbara Fredrickson may reveal which form of happiness is more beneficial for health and well-being.

    The study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences last year, found that while both types of happiness can make you feel good, the latter could promote physical health and longevity as well. Using phone interviews, questionnaires and blood samples, the study explored how the two forms of happiness affected individuals on a genetic level. Participants with more hedonic and less eudaimonic well-being were found to have a lower production of virus-attacking antibodies, while those with more eudaimonic well-being experienced an increase in antibody production.

    Acupuncture can restore balance to your body.

    The traditional Chinese medicine technique is believed to address imbalances in a person’s qi (pronounced chi), the circulating energy within every living thing. Whether or not you believe in the existence of this energy flow, a new study published in Archives of Internal Medicine found that the age-old practice may be an effective way to relieve migraines, arthritis and other chronic pains.

    Analyzing previous research data from approximately 18,000 subjects, researchers found that acupuncture was more effective than sham acupuncture and standard western care when treating various types of pain, including migraines and chronic back pain.

    We need the support of a community in order to thrive.

    Traditional Buddhist teachings suggest that community is a key component in any happy, fulfilled life. A 2010 study conducted by Brigham Young University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers confirmed this belief, concluding that a healthy social life promotes longevity.

    In analyzing the 148 studies — involving more than 300,000 individual participants — available on the subject, the researchers discovered that those with stronger social relationships maintained a 50 percent increased likelihood of survival. The effect of social relationships on mortality risk is even greater than the effect of exercise or obesity.

    Tai chi can help alleviate a variety of health conditions.

    This ancient Chinese martial art is based on the belief that achieving balance with one’s mind and body creates an overall sense of peace and harmony, naturally inspiring a long life. A report in the May 2009 issue of Harvard Women’s Health Watch summarized several studies confirming that this “moving meditation” practice can help prevent and treat many age-related health problems alongside standard treatment in older adults. A number of studies in the past decade have found tai chi to be helpful for those suffering from arthritis, low bone density and heart disease.

    Meditation can help you reduce stress and discover inner peace.

    Stemming from ancient Eastern origins, the practice of meditation is believed to help still the mind and reach a heightened level of awareness, improving health and well-being as a byproduct. Science is now proving the health benefits of meditation. The latest study from a team of Harvard Medical School scientists reveals how this mind-body practice can affect genes that control stress levels and immune function.

    Harvard psychiatrist John Denniger and his team used neuro-imaging and genomics technology to measure potential physiological changes in each subject more accurately. After observing the high-stress individuals as they followed the study’s prescribed yoga and meditation practices, the team noticed an improved mitochondrial energy production, utilization and resiliency, which help to reduce the stress linked to health conditions like hypertension and infertility.

    Compassion is the key to a meaningful life.

    Tibetan Buddhist tradition includes a practice called metta, or loving-kindness. A 2012 study from Emory University found that compassion meditation based on this Tibetan model can effectively boost one’s ability to empathize with others by way of reading their facial expressions.

    Another loving-kindness meditation study from 2011 found that, over time, this practice increased participants’ positive emotions that allowed them to find a deeper sense of mindfulness, their purpose in life, the network of support surrounding them, and their health. These components helped increase their overall life satisfaction.

    Accepting what you can’t change is key to reducing suffering.

    According to Buddhist teachings, one must accept the things they cannot change in order to reduce suffering. Now, scientists have found that this belief rings true, especially for older adults who are working through difficult life changes.

    Researchers from Deakin University in Australia found that facing the realities of living with assistance and losing a degree of independence helps seniors live longer and feel far happier. Their study, which was published in the Journal of Happiness Studies last year, compared feelings of life satisfaction and perceived control of older adults living with assistance and those living in the community. Their analysis revealed that the ability to accept the inevitable (as well as maintain low-level control) in an assisted living setting was a significant predictor of life satisfaction. The researchers concluded, “In order to protect the well-being of older individuals, adaptation involves both a sense of control and the active acceptance of what cannot be changed.”

    All you need is love.

    If there is one thing that a variety of ancient wisdom traditions can agree on, it’s the value of love in maintaining a happy, meaningful life. And a group of Harvard researchers, on a mission to uncover the true roots of life fulfillment, conducted a 75-year study that reached the same conclusion.

    The Harvard Grant Study, led by psychiatrist George Vaillant, followed the life trajectories of 268 male students in order to answer life’s universal questions of growth, development, value and purpose. Vaillant considers the most meaningful finding of the study to be that a happy life revolves around loving relationships. He explained that there are two pillars of happiness: “One is love. The other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away.”

  • 04Apr

    On youtube -

    1 c. ground almonds (or mix half with oats for a lighter crust)
    1/4 c. honey or coconut nectar – or 1 T. Stevia powder + 2 drops Chocolate Liquid Stevia
    1/4 c. cacao/carob powder
    dash salt
    optional – 1 T. coconut oil for a richer crust

    Grind almonds in a food processor until they make a coarse meal. Add sweetener, powder and salt, oil if desired. Press into a pie plate.

    In a blender, blend:
    1/3 c. cacao/carob powder/raw hot chocolate mix
    1/3 c. yacon syrup or coconut crystal syrup
    1/3 c. coconut crystals/ raw sugar
    1 T. coconut oil
    3 T. psyllium seed powder

    2 drops vegetable glycerin
    ~ 1/8 c. almond milk. water or coconut water
    dash vanilla powder (or vanilla extract)
    pinch salt

    Pour into crust. Set with 1 c. walnuts. Chill.

  • 04Apr


    Watch the video at the link above.

    Every Monday night, Derrick Walton shuts down his Iowa restaurant to feed people in need — no matter how much the generous deed costs him.

    It’s a hefty sacrifice, but one he always vowed to fulfill if he had the chance, because Walton knows what it’s like to go without.

    The Des Moines, Iowa, pizza shop owner was once homeless after making a series of “poor choices” as a teen, and slept in abandoned cars and houses, he told DeGeneres on Wednesday. While trying to lift himself out of poverty, he pledged to help others if he ever had the means to do so.

    “I made a promise that if I ever got in a position where I could help somebody, I would give something back,” Walton told Yahoo’s Good News blog.

    So when Walton opened Chef D’s Pizza House earlier this year, one of the first ideas he put into practice was closing the shop on Monday nights to give free food to anyone who needs it — even if he can’t always afford to do so.

    When DeGeneres caught wind of Walton’s story, she decided to step in and help.

    The talk show host invited Walton on her show on Wednesday and presented him with a $10,000 check. She also urged her viewers to patronize the giving pizza parlor.

    “My hope with having you on is to have lines around the block and have it so packed that you can afford to close on Monday nights,” DeGeneres said, “and do what you’re doing because it’s such an amazing gesture.”

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  • 28Mar

    Divine Mango Pie
    by Tess Challis (from Radiant Health Inner Wealth)

    Crust of Love:
    1 cup (240ml) raw almonds

    1 cup (240 ml) shredded dried coconut

    1/2 cup (120 ml) tightly packed chopped, pitted dates

    1/4 tsp fine sea salt

    Filling Way Too Good:
    1 -1/4 cups (300 ml) dried mango, chopped (with sharp scissors) and soaked in water for 15 minutes, then drained

    3 cups (720 ml) chopped fresh mango (peeled)

    Over the Top:
    2 cups (480 ml) thinly sliced fresh strawberries or other berries [photo shows blackberries]

    If you haven’t yet soaked the dried mango, place in a bowl and cover completely with water. Set aside.

    Blend the almonds in a food processor until crumbly. Add the coconut, dates and salt and process until very well combined. However, don’t over-blend as you will want to retain some of the original texture of the ingredients. Evenly distribute the mixture into an ungreased 9-inch pie pan. Press firmly to make a crust on the bottom and 1½ inches up around the sides. Place it in the freezer until the filling is ready.

    Drain the dried mango and blend for about a minute in a clean food processor. Add the fresh mango and blend very well, using a rubber spatula to scrape down the insides of the food processor as needed. Keep on a-blendin’ until totally smooth. It may take a while!

    Remove the crust from the arctic circle. Spoon the filling into it. Cover and refrigerate for several hours.

    Before serving, decorate the top of the pie evenly with the sliced strawberries. This will store, tightly covered and refrigerated, for about 3 days.

    Suitable for: ACD  Maintenance only; sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, yeast-free, vegan.