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    Thanks for sending this, Mapuana!


    Aloha Kakou,  Mahalo nui loa on the MSM!  I haven’t experienced anymore pain in the knee since I started to take the MSM.  I also started to apply the powder diluted in water to the area.  The first DIY organic product that I made was a lotion using Kalapana Gold beeswax, organic cold pressed oils and water which came out pretty good.  The draw back there was not using any preservatives in them so it started to get mold pretty quickly, especially here in the warmer climate.  I’m now researching making a lotion or cream with the MSM and thought I’d share the recipe I found.  I suppose making smaller batches and keeping them in the fridge may solve the mold issue.  When I first started to research DIY organic body care products, I found that even those with the USDA seal were not always truthful, natural and organic so I decided to make my own.

    In ignorance I put the MSM into my first meal of green juice after I came back from shopping and gagged it down.  I didn’t want to waste the juice so I toughed it out.  I now slam it down and chase it with lemon or lime juice diluted in water.  Even putting it into a smoothie won’t help.  The citrus helps tremedously and takes the taste away.

    “The Miracle of MSM – The Natural Solution for Pain”

    Co Authored by Stanley W Jacob MD., Ronald M Lawrence MD., and Martin Zukker.

    Both Dr Jacob and Dr Lawrence are members of the International Association for the Study of Pain with many years experience of the clinical use of MSM.

    Dr Lawrence is the Assistant Clinical Professor of the UCLA School of Medicine and former Physician for the American Olympic Sports team.


    2. General information on MSM Gels / Creams and Lotions

    Pure MSM can be applied topically (as a Gel / Cream or Lotion).

    You can buy ready made MSM creams and lotions on the web from a variety of companies however:

    a). They tend to be expensive.

    b). Most of the really good ones seem to be in the USA so you also have to pay the extra shipping if ordering from the UK.

    The page below shows how to:

    Make your own MSM Gel / cream / lotion – Easily and cheaply

    MSM is non allergenic so no matter which recipe you use below, always rub a small amount of your finished product on to a small area and leave for several hours to make absolutely sure it suits you individually.

    Important – for the recipe below use

    99.9% Pure New Horizons MSM Crystal Flakes.


    Impure or animal grades or MSM containing fillers, flow agents or additives !


    3). Recipe 1:

    MSM / Aloe Vera Gel:

    The easiest, quickest and probably the most effective recipe of them all!

    Non greasy and absorbs in to the skin and tissues extremely rapidly)

    Note: Because you are making it yourself, you won’t be adding preservatives (like most manufacturers do) so it’s best to make 100mls at a time – that way you can keep making it freshly and it won’t have a chance to spoil.

    All you need is:

    • Pure Aloe Vera Gel – 100mls (or more if you want to make more)
    • MSM Crystal Flakes – 15 grams for every 100mls of Aloe Vera Gel)

    (Note: 3 x rounded teaspoons of Crystal Flakes = approx 15 grams)


    1). Put 100mls (or more) of pure Aloe Vera Gel in a container or mixing bowl. (=it’s equal to 3.4oz.)

    2). Add approx 15 grams of MSM (3 x rounded teaspoons of Crystal Flakes)

    If you want to make more, simply add 15g of MSM for every 100mls of Aloe Vera Gel you use.


    Don’t add more than approx 15grams of MSM for each 100mls of Aloe Vera Gel you use -

    Why? Not that it’s dangerous or anything, its simply that if you add too much, it will become a saturated solution i.e. the MSM won’t dissolve and will re-crystallise and become gritty to use !

    3). Mix with a fork or spoon and leave for about 30 mins. The MSM will dissolve naturally in the Aloe Vera Gel. (Note: Use an electric hand blender if you want it to dissolve really quickly)

    Both pure MSM and Pure Aloe Vera are non allergenic so are usually suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, however, always rub a small amount on a small area of skin and leave for several hours to make absolutely sure it suits you.

    Use: As often as you wish.

    Storage: Store in a sealed container (Use a well washed out old cream tub).

    Storage: Store in a cupboard at room temperature.


    4). Recipe 2:

    MSM Cream / Lotion


    In the recipe below, you are going to add MSM to a shop bought cream or lotion of your choice so if you have sensitive skin, choose a cream or lotion that you know suits your skin!


    You will have noticed that many shop bought creams and lotions are white. This is because when you blend oil with water it emulsifies and turns white.

    Basically if a cream or lotion is white it means that you will be able to add a little more water along with the vital ingredient MSM !

    Note: don’t try to add MSM directly to a cream without first dissolving it in water Why? – Simply because it won’t dissolve and ends up gritty !!!

    Go to your local shop or drug store – Super Drug in the UK has some great economically priced creams and lotions. Select one that you personally like the smell of, the thicker the better as you are gong to dilute it slightly !

    Note - You are going to make a cream / lotion that contains 15% MSM (The amount recommended by the MSM Doctors).

    Important - Without solvents it’s difficult to raise the concentration of MSM above 15%. If you put too much MSM in your cream it will re-crystallise and feel gritty when you rub it on – so stick to around 15% or slightly less.

    This simply means that for every 100mls of cream you have, you need to add approx 15g of MSM.

    If you don’t have any scales, a rounded teaspoon of MSM weighs approx 5 grams


    For 100mls of cream add 15grams (approx 3 rounded teaspoons of MSM)

    For 200mls of cream add 30grams (approx 6 rounded teaspoons of MSM)

    For 400mls of cream add 60 grams (approx 12 rounded teaspoons of MSM)


    1. Put 100mls of Cream or lotion in a mixing bowl or container.

    2. Place the appropriate amount of MSM into a cup.

    3. Add about 2 tablespoons of boiling water. (Don’t worry, MSM is a mineral not a vitamin so it’s properties are not affected or denatured in any way by heat, even at extremely high temperatures.

    4. Cover the cup and place in a microwave for about 10 seconds. Check that the crystal flakes have completely dissolved, if not, repeat for another 10 seconds.

    5. When fully dissolved, slowly add to the cream and stir very thoroughly.

    You now have your very own MSM rich cream – if you added too much water it will be a lotion!

    How to Use

    Rub into the affected area as often as you wish. For best results take MSM Crystal Flakes, capsules or tablets daily as a supplement.

    M says, I wonder if aloe vera gel would stop a headache since it has salicylic acid in it.”

    Great idea, M! You could rub MSM cream on the temples and the site of pain!

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