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    NYCVFF 2012: The Recap!
    via Choosing Raw – vegan and raw recipes by Gena on 3/4/12


    How do you make cashew cheese? I can’t get it right.

    To this I immediately responded: “have you been using a Vitamix?” The answer, as I suspected, was “yes.” I find that cashew cheese in the Vita is tough to get right, unless you’re making a ton of volume and have the patience to plunge, plunge, and plunge some more with your plunger attachment. Even then, you need a lot of liquid to get it moving, and what you end up with is cashew cheese sauce, or ricotta at best. I highly recommend a food processor for nut cheeses, which will allow you to create a thicker consistency!!

    I don’t always feel full after I eat raw foods. What should I do?

    Add some cooked beans or grains! 1 cup of either or a mix of both can make an enormous difference in terms of satiety, and it will also boost the protein and/or complex carbs in your meal—both crucial for energy. Plus, you’ll still be eating an enormous plate of raw vegetables, and reaping all of the benefits thereto.

    I’m allergic to tree nuts. How can I enjoy a raw diet?

    Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are suitable replacements in almost all recipes that call for tree nuts. Additionally, try using young coconut in place of cashews, as it offers a similar creaminess. If you can’t have any seeds or coconut in addition to tree nuts, try focusing on avocado and/or white beans insome of the recipes that call for nuts.

    I can’t eat grains. What are some grain-free breakfasts that you recommend?

    Chia seed puddings, raw breads/crackers with nut butter and fruit, and smoothies are my favorite grain free breakfast options.

    What are your top tips for better digestion?

    Adopt a vegan diet.
    Focus on getting a high portion of raw vegetables and fruits.
    Try to strike a balance between soluble and insoluble fiber.
    Don’t chug water with your meals; sip water with meals, and drink more plentiful amounts 30 minutes before and after.
    Chew your food thoroughly.
    Explore an acidophilus+bifidus supplement (vegan, of course).

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