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    Breakfast : cereal, oatmeal with nut milk, smoothies,scrambles

    Lunch : hummus wrap, quesadillas with Daiya and veges, Chickpea “tuna” sandwich, (chickpeas, celery, dulse, pickles, mayo, pepper, veges), PBJ

    Dinner: burgers, quinoa, pasta, mac n’ cheese with Daiya, burrito bowl,

    Dessert : fruit, non-dairy frozen desserts, cookies,

    Snacks: chips, nachos with Daiya, popcorn,


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    Voted by PETA as Sexiest Over 50. From the looks of her fridge and the food she describes, I’m guessing she’s raw or eats as much unprocessed food as she can.

    And a peek inside her fridge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=683taLTfc1c&feature=related
    I would LOVE to have a fridge this big (and a kitchen big enough to hold it)!

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    2 powerful healing stories. You can do it too!! #151 The Raw Inspiration
    Part of my vision in creating a future where “all” beings are healthy and vibrant is to see places like this that are common place and located everywhere!! To become part of the norm, an essential and integral part of society!


    and http://www.FincadeVida.com

    Please enjoy the story of Brian and Jodi. Both suffered terrible diseases and completely healed themselves because they changed their lifestyle, their diet and their way of thinking. And now they have created a beautiful place of healing in the mountains of Costa Rica. Amazing what you can accomplish, when you are ready to change and heal! Get some inspiration for your own life and healing with this video.

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    “Top Two Supplements For Longevity”, Article by Matt Monarch
    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    In my opinion, in this day and age, I believe that the human body can live to 120 years, 130 years, 150 years, 175 years and BEYOND. When I refer to “longevity” in this article, I am talking about taking our lives to these kind of “EXTREME” levels (or what might be considered “extreme” compared to the lifespan of most humans at this point). By no means do I think that a person can’t be healthy or live to the standard current human “long-life” expectancy (into the 70s, 80s, and sometimes 90s), without following the suggestions in this article below. Also, keep in mind that there are potential dangers when a person undertakes these “extreme” suggestions, such as becoming much more sensitive and not being able to handle EXTREME changes in quantity/quality of food, plus any other intake of toxins such as intense air pollution.

    In this article I am going to discuss my opinion on what the TOP TWO supplements are for longevity. However, I feel that these supplements are clearly secondary to the diet we eat and the air that we breathe. In my opinion, the NUMBER ONE task that a human being can accomplish, to reach for the ULTIMATE longevity MANY DECADES past the century mark, is to eat small quantities of food CONSISTENTLY. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a 100% Raw Food Diet – just consuming small amounts of food consistently is the key. If you eat a 100% Raw Food Diet, yet consistently push the boundaries to where you are STUFFED from overeating, in my opinion it is unlikely that you will live past the 120 year mark. I push these ‘overeating’ boundaries sometimes, however, my long-term goal is to cease this completely.

    If you have ever done a juice fast, generally you notice that you have MASSES of energy all day and all night long. I feel that our energy levels ought to match that kind of pattern on a day-to-day basis with our typical diets, in order to reach past the 120 year mark. When you eat small amounts of food consistently, the effect in the body can potentially almost be like juice fasting, if you choose to chew the small quantities of food down to almost nothing. This minimal amount of thoroughly chewed food could potentially tax the body almost the same minimal amount as GULPING down 32 oz of vegetable juice.

    In my opinion, the next MOST IMPORTANT thing for longevity and living many decades past the 100 year mark is the quality of the air that we breathe. The air quality you intake is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, however, it is secondary to diet. For example, I live in the Andes in Ecuador where the air quality is very pristine comparatively speaking, in contrast to Southern California for example. When I moved to Ecuador, I could sense that my body was EVOLVING in a MAJOR way. My body was detoxing pollution, from all the decades of living in Southern California. My energy levels raised overall and I could sense that my need for physical food had lessened, as I adapted to the new environment in Ecuador for about six months. We just came back to Southern California a couple of weeks ago and my energy levels were immediately affected in an adverse way, because I have re-introduced the air pollution back into my body.

    The reason why I can sense that the pollution is affecting me in an adverse way, is because my day-to-day diet is extremely “clean”. In contrast, if you were to take an obese man who is eating the “Standard American Diet” and living in the same area in Ecuador, it is unlikely that he would notice so clearly the effects of the air pollution in association with his energy levels if he visited Southern California. The air quality is secondary to diet. Someone in this condition is SO inundated with toxins that the air pollution won’t have so much of a clear effect on them, comparatively speaking.

    Let’s take as another example a person with a serious degenerative disease who wants to heal. If I had the choice to help a person like this heal by only improving either their diet or giving them clean air, I would choose the dietary changes. I know that the chances of healing are hundreds of percentage points better that way, because poor diet is usually the primary cause of disease.

    If and when a person gets to the point of eating small amounts of food, they will sense more succinctly the damaging effects of air pollution. They will especially notice these effects if they are away from the air pollution for many months and then dive back into it. Do you see how this works in steps? If you have a “poor” diet, the air pollution doesn’t seem to matter as much as if you have a clean diet. However, if you get to the point of consistently eating a “clean” diet for a number of months or so, the impact of the air pollution gets stronger and clearer with time. We can see the same kind of pattern with the supplements that I am about to mention. I feel that the impact of these supplements will be a lot less effective in terms of enhancing longevity if a person doesn’t have a “clean” diet and a clean air source. In the same way, eating raw foods will likely only help a person in very small ways if they continue to go to McDonalds every single day still to get a ‘Happy Meal’.

    Most supplements on the market today are deisgned to nourish the body with nutrients a person may be lacking. In my opinion, this ultimately does very little in terms of longevity. It is GREAT that people can use these supplements in order to avoid deficiency and try to get what their bodies require, yet nourishment tends to automatically comes to those who do the first two steps discussed above, which include consistently “under-eating” good food and breathing clean air. In my opinion, it is EXTREMELY rare to find supplements that truly assist the body in regeneration and the elimination of substances that clog up the body.

    In my opinion, the top two supplements for longevity are Systemic Enzymes, (which include nattokinase and/or serrepeptidase) and Adya Clarity.

    I’ve written a couple of articles on Systemic Enzymes, which are available HERE

    . When you take enzymes on an empty stomach, immediately they go to work for your body. It’s like sending THOUSANDS of extra troopers right into your body whose purpose is to extend your life for the longest duration possible. I could write pages of details on what they do and I recommend instead that you read the two articles I wrote on systemic enzymes by clicking HERE

    . I feel that enzymes are God-sent and if I had to choose only ONE supplement to take for the rest of my life, it would be a powerful systemic enzyme blend with Nattokinase and Serrepeptidase, just like the one we carry HERE


    The other supplement that I believe has the potential to help the body last longer is Super Shots of Adya Clarity. I have also written a few articles and done videos showing the miraculous properties of Adya Clarity. You can view all three of those articles and videos by clicking HERE

    . If you watch the first video in the first article that we did with Adya Clarity, you will witness Adya Clarity MIRACULOUSLY purifying water. Right in front of your eyes you will witness invisible inorganic minerals precipitating, becoming visible and then being transformed into a state harmless to the body within the water. If you watch the other video in the second article about Adya Clarity, you will witness the equally MIRACULOUS clean up a DIRTY and SLIMY, LARGE body of water, reverting it to a PRISTINE state.

    Why do I feel that Adya Clarity is an ULTIMATE supplement for Longevity?

    Well, it actually has nothing to do with purifying the water. If you read the ‘Old School’ book, “How to Prolong Life

    “, by DeLacy Evans, or if you are familiar with David Wolfe’s work on calcification, you will learn that the intake of inorganic minerals and other earthy matter substances has the potential to clog up the body and create many disturbances such as arthritis, rigid bones, cataracts, arterial plaque and so on. You can learn more about this concept by reading my article “More on Longevity

    “. DeLacy Evans goes into the science of how inorganic minerals that we consume from water and food can end up clogging up our bodies in the long-run and causing diseases. For example, he shows that the bones of a baby are more soft and pliable compared to an elderly person’s bones, which are hard, rigid and easily broken. He also gives examples of people in between these ages. As we age, our bones become harder and more rigid due to the consumption of inorganic minerals that are built up within our bones. He says that conditions such as cataracts, arthritis, calcification and so on are all the result of this same build-up process in our bodies. As we accumulate more and more inorganic mineral internally, these substances clog our bodies up and create issues such as those just mentioned. He actually states that the best way to avoid masses of inorganic matter from entering your body is to eat and drink small amounts and he also tells you which types of foods have the least and most earthy matter within them.

    Many longevity pioneers knew about this inorganic mineral concept, including Hilton Hotema, who sited DeLacy Evans’ work, and Dr. Norman Walker.

    Dr. Norman Walker actually drank mainly distilled water and vegetable juices, to assure that he wasn’t drinking inorganic minerals such as are contained in the majority of water sources on the planet. Dr. Norman Walker actually states that distilled water is not only VOID of all inorganic minerals, but it also helps to leach out ONLY the harmful inorganic minerals from the body, which are then eliminated through our urine. Many people think that distilled water is leaching out our good minerals because urine tests show that when you drink distilled water, minerals show up within urine. What is actually showing up in the urine is the ejected inorganic minerals. Dr Norman Walker says that leaching organic bio-available minerals that have already been utilized is impossible and he gives an explanation about this in his book “Water Can Undermine Your Health


    Just like Dr Norman Walker, in my opinion, only harmful inorganic minerals are being leached out of the body when a person drinks distilled water. Additionally, Dr Norman Walker is the only raw food pioneer I know of who made it close to or past the century mark. Norman Walker ate small amounts of food, was careful about what he drank to avoid inorganic minerals, lived in a place and time where air pollution wasn’t so intense, and he practiced colon hydrotherapy on a periodic basis.

    Although there have been no clinical studies on Adya Clarity, after I saw what the Adya Clarity does to dirty tap water and the inorganic minerals present therein, I soon realized the potential that this product could have within our bodies. We are water-based organisms, usually comprised of a minimum of 70% water. If we were to take supershots of Adya Clarity (1 teaspoon of Adya Clarity mixed with 1 ounce of water on an empty stomach, and then chased with 32 oz of water with a standard, small amount of Adya Clarity added) , I soon realized that this process could have the potential to help eliminate those inorganic minerals within us, which age us, just like the product removes the inorganic minerals from the dirty tap water.

    I’ve been taking Super Shots of the Adya Clarity since I thought about this possibility. I contacted the owners of the “Best Foods Ever” company about this idea and they said that eliminating these inorganic minerals is indeed pretty much the main purpose of Adya Clarity. The company owner then told me the science of how Adya takes, for example, free iron and free calcium (inorganic minerals), renders them harmless to the body and then replaces them with the ultimate SUPER bio-available minerals within the Adya Clarity. He also stated that Adya helps eliminate or significantly reduce heavy metals from within the body. The owner also told me that over the last 45 years in Japan there have been 10s of thousands of people who benefited from using this product. This all makes perfect sense to me and whether or not the Adya Clarity actually does remove inorganic minerals from the body like I assume it does, it definitely feels worth it to me to trust in this product for my personal health. There is NO OTHER product or supplement that I have ever heard of that could potentially remove inorganic minerals. The ONLY other products that comes minutely close to this are Zeolite and Fulvic acid. I have heard that these two products have the potential to remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body, but I haven’t heard any claims about the removal of inorganic minerals. The active ingredient in Adya Clarity is ‘Black Mica’. Zeolite AND Fulvic Acid are both derived from Black Mica. I feel that Adya Clarity is a much more superior product, does everything that these byproducts, Zeolite and Fulvic acid, accomplishes and MUCH MORE! I consistently take Super Shots of Adya Clarity now, every single day.

    Although it is not the ‘Best Foods Ever’ owner’s first choice, I personally like to take the Adya Clarity in distilled water. Distilled water is the only water that I know of that is definitely void of all inorganic minerals. Therefore, none of the Adya Clarity will be “wasted” in converting minerals present in the water, which is acting as a transport medium for the Adya. I only usually drink 32oz of water a day; I drink it all at one time first thing in the morning to flush out toxins from cleansing the night before. I use distilled water with a dropper-full of Adya Clarity added. Just before this, I take a Super Shot of Adya Clarity (explained above). I don’t usually drink any other water throughout the rest of the day. Instead, in Ecuador I drink vegetable juices and coconut water from green coconuts (low glycemic) all day long. People often offer me water at their homes and it does feel a little odd to consistently turn them down. However, I personally would rather have my thirst quenched later in the day when I have access to what I love to drink.

    Systemic Enzymes and Adya Clarity are my top two supplements for ultimate longevity. However, if a person is going to consistently overeat or eat poor food choices and live in a poor air quality situation, the possibilities for these products to help will be limited by these other-than-optimal circumstances. Again, in my opinion, nothing impacts the longevity of the human body more directly than diet and air quality.

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    Meet two amazing moms who reversed autism in their sons. Maureen Block and Jenny DeMaria help other parents follow their path, volunteering as Rescue Angels through Generation Rescue, a non-profit tha

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    on youtube-

    Slice 2 large sweet onions into rings. (To slice onions without crying or tearing, dip your knife in clean water, and dip the onion in water, as well. This has always worked. I only need to dip it once, but some say to keep the bowl of water handy and dip continuously, after every slice.)

    Soak in 4 T. Bragg’s Amino Acids or Nama Shoyu and
    4 T. olive oil
    Juice of 1 lemon
    1 c. almond milk

    Dip onions into sauce above, and then into batter:
    1 c. golden flax seed
    1 c. almond meal (Blend 1 c. almonds in food processor about 5 minutes, until a crumbly meal.)
    1-2 cloves garlic
    juice 1-2 lemons
    1 T. Paprika
    1/2 tsp. chipotle
    1 1/2 tsp. salt
    Blend batter in a food processor until it is thick, like pancake batter. Dip the onions in the sauce, then the batter, and dehydrate at 105 degrees for 12-24 hours until desired crispness.

    Tangy Dipping Sauce-
    1 c. pinenuts for 12 hours. Drain and let sit (sprout) for 12 hours. Blend with:
    2 T. lemon juice
    1/2 c. sundried tomatoes, soaked
    1/2 tsp. cayenne
    1 tsp. paprika
    1 tsp. sea salt, to taste
    a couple drops Tobasco – optional

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    “Here are some of the things I was telling you about during the atunement:

    When I first started to feel some sort of focus and sensation, I had the feeling of all of the hairs on my body standing on end, especially on the front of my body. Since I was lying on my back, this was the side facing up. I could tell that nothing physically was actually changing in my body, but the incredible tingles I felt all over were nearly shocking!

    After a couple of minutes, I still felt the tingles, more subdued, but I had a more internal feeling of waves and energy moving through my body in strong, chaotic currents. In a general sense, the energy moving through my body was moving in very strong waves, mostly from my head when I inhaled, into my feet when I exhaled. I kept feeling near disappointment that the energy would just wash out of me, but like the wave machine I was telling you about, it would just cycle back up, just as the next wave was coming in.

    On a microscopic level, the energy was moving in swirls and eddies, as if the larger waves were stirring up my blood in every vein and artery as it passed through my body. And throughout, I felt such a happy, ecstatic, thrilled, entertained emotion. It was wonderful and overwhelming in a good way. Thank you so much! You are wonderful!”


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