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    Sweet short article on the Dalai Lama…

    Radar of Compassion

    pico-iyerPico Iyer

    Pico Iyer on the Dalai Lama’s unerring ability to home in on those who most need his love.

    While going through an almost unimaginably busy schedule on a typical day of touring, he’ll be hustled toward his next appointment and then, suddenly, alone among a crowd of fifty or so, he’ll veer off, because he’s seen a child in a wheelchair, by herself and ignored, over in one corner. Often, he’ll respond warmly to even the pushiest person trying to make contact with him on the street, and that is perhaps not only because he tries to live without aversions as well as attachments, but because he’s sensed that that person is in need in some form—lonely or unsure of himself—and the pushiness is just an expression of deep pain.

    Over and over, traveling with him, I’ve seen him bring this kind of vision to each microsecond, as startling to me as the way he’ll remember the color of the shirt my father was wearing the last time he saw him (twenty-three years before) or, peering into a large crowd, recognize someone he last saw in Lhasa in 1957 (one of the least esoteric but most practical results, I suspect, of all the meditation and other forms of training he engages in every day).

    As leader of his people for seventy years now, used to dealing with kings and prime ministers and Amdo peasants, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama is of course as richly schooled in diplomacy and every kind of protocol as the Queen of England or Thailand’s king IS. And his intuition means that, upon suddenly greeting a roomful of strangers, old acquaintances, and colleagues, he’ll know which one to shake hands with, which one to hug, which one to greet with a namaste, whose pony-tail to ruffle, so each feels individually warmed and touched and none feels left out or hard done by. But there’s something more going on here that makes him a kind of virtuoso of kindness, as every doctor (even of philosophy) aspires to be—and as befits one believed to be the incarnation of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

    I took my mother to see him last spring, in Santa Barbara, and though she had met him before, in Dharamsala and California, it had been many years, and she was of course excited. The Dalai Lama, as we went into his suite, had a cold, looked to have just awoken from a nap, and was (I could tell) not at his best after having flown all the way from India to California, a twenty-four-hour trip across twelve and a half time zones, the day before.

    The minute he saw her, though, all his attention was on her, and only her. He explained impermanence by picking out a stray hair falling across her forehead. He asked her for a copy of the photo she had brought along from their last private meeting. He tried to answer questions she’d been storing up for twenty-five years to ask him. When she ran out of them, he just held her, pressing his head against hers, and suggested a photo with only the two of them, till my mother was sobbing and sobbing with joy as I’d never seen her do in my fifty-two years of almost hourly acquaintance.

    The next week I was doing an onstage event with him and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, at New York’s Town Hall, and his plane down from Boston was caught up in a thunderstorm, causing him to arrive seconds before he was due onstage. He took time to offer a proper hello to everyone and then, though he had another appointment right after, made sure to have a private moment with President Robinson and me after the public conversation, and then to spend several minutes with the event’s organizers, who had been hoping to see him beforehand. I noticed that a mother, father, and small daughter were trying to shake hands with him, but were obscured by the large crowd in front of them. Somehow, just as I was wondering whether to intercede, he picked them out, and said, “Come, come, a photograph!” as if voicing their unspoken thoughts and hopes.

    Five days later, as flames encircled our family home in Santa Barbara, and I, forcibly evacuated, was thinking anew of impermanence, I got a call out of the blue from Dharamsala, where it was midnight. It was my wife, telling me that the Dalai Lama, though just off the plane from America—not a short flight for a seventy-three-year-old—had shared some moments with her too, and she began sobbing, and saying how unworthy she felt, just as my mother had done two weeks before.

    Only one typical household and three typical beings of the many, many thousands the Tibetan leader must have encountered that month. But it’s safe to say that somehow, with every person he’d met, for the first time, the tenth time, or the ten-thousandth time, he’d found just the way to break her open emotionally, till she saw no division between him and herself, and was running over with thanks and happiness. It’s not, finally, just a matter of the Dalai Lama’s training or teaching or even temperament; those who are really deep in the Buddhist teachings feel every pain of another as keenly as if it were their own. Conversely, they share every joy and blessing in themselves as if the other were just themselves in a different form.

    The Dalai Lama’s ideas are what stay with us and enable us perhaps to draw a little closer to the people we would like to be; but his instant, instinctive, almost miraculous compassion is what may wake us up to these possibilities as immediately as the wooden stick of Zen can do. You don’t just hear or think about compassion when you see the Dalai Lama; you feel it in that place beneath all words and texts.

    Even after thirty-five years of knowing someone, it’s still possible to be surprised, enlightened, moved—especially if that someone is as constant, as multifaceted, as the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. It took me decades, I think, of watching him and following him on his travels around the world to see that one of his greatest and most mysterious gifts is a kind of radar that alerts him to who in a crowded space is most in need of help. He’ll walk into a jampacked school auditorium and, in the midst of greeting his hosts and shaking hands with everyone eager to say hello to him, making eye contact with each one, he’ll notice through a kind of peripheral vision (or intuition) someone on crutches, and walk instantly over to that person and offer a blessing, a reassuring touch.

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    “…The University of Michigan study, which was published in the journal Nature, was centered around ‘Rspol’ or ‘R-spondon1’ which activates cell production in the intestinal walls which then help to regenerate tissue that is damaged by chemotherapy and other forms of poisonous drugs. Mice given R-spondon1 survived fatal doses of chemotherapy since the substance was able to help their bodies regenerate new tissue faster than the chemo could destroy it….”

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    Bronnie Ware, author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, on what she learned while working in palliative care and how her meditation practice saved her life.

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    Interview many of you asked for Robyn Openshaw — she’s who many of you know as Green Smoothie Girl. She had 20 chronic diseases and lost 45 pounds! Her son’s ailments completely disappeared without drugs within the years – broncho-dilators, steroids, etc….

    …”2. The green smoothie is the key to success.

    Robyn and I both agree that the green smoothie is the key to success of even the most stubborn people. Replace your breakfast with a smoothie and the eat what you want for the rest of the day and it’s nearly impossible for you to continue to eat as unhealthy as you did before.

    It’s as close to a magic pill as…”
    Read more at http://renegadehealth.com/blog/2012/04/25/how-this-blogger-lost-weight-without-dieting/

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    “The Benefits of Systemic Enzymes”, Article by Matt Monarch
    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    I go into depth about systemic enzymes in both this video and article below…

    All of the Healing Health Food Institutes that I know of help people heal from various degenerative diseases. The three most common tools these Institutes use to assist healing are…helping a person improve their diet, cleansing the colon A LOT, and giving everyone green juices (vegetable juice and/or wheatgrass). I like to term this fabulous trio… the ‘Healing Antidote’.

    Over the last couple of years, many of these health institutes have started incorporating a fourth piece to the puzzle… Taking Systemic Enzymes on an empty stomach. Also sometimes termed as ‘Therapeutic’ or ‘Metabolic’ Enzymes, these ‘Systemic’ Enzymes have the potential to expedite the healing process. Generally, people usually think of enzymes as a digestive agent taken with food, which will help digest the food being consumed. However, research shows that when you take enzymes on an empty stomach, they go into the metabolic processes of the body, which include healing damage. I have heard many expert authorities on natural healing state that taking systemic enzymes on an empty stomach has the potential to help with dissolving cancerous tumors. I have personally witnessed many people rid themselves of cancerous tumors by utilizing systemic enzymes in conjunction with a healthier dietary lifestyle.

    I feel that the technological advancement of creating systemic enzymes for human consumption is an example of science at its best! Enzymes are catalysts and they are responsible for accelerating positive chemical reactions in the body. When they do this they retain their own structure and do not become part of any action they perform. Working as catalysts, enzymes group together any wandering inactive molecules and transform these molecule structures into new active-molecules that can be of use to heal the body. Once an enzyme catalyzes one group of molecules, making them active to help heal the body, the enzyme then moves on to the next group of inactive molecules. These “God-sent” enzymes do not die out after one positive chemical reaction. They keep going and going until their life force is completely depleted.

    These inactive wandering molecules at some point may be of use to the body when they naturally connect with whichever counterparts they need to become active, however, with enzymes present, these reactions can proceed much faster, sometimes a million-fold times faster. As an anaology, I am in Arizona right now… If I wanted to go to New York, I could walk, but if I were to take an airplane, that airplane would act as a “catalyst” and expedite my trip to NY 1000-fold or more.

    All enzymes taken on an empty stomach will work to help the body… even digestive enzymes. However, some enzymes are much more POWERFUL than other enzymes. If you use standard digestive enzymes, you will need a lot more to accomplish the same task compared to most systemic enzyme blends on the market. The two most powerful enzymes that have the potential to help with inflammation and tumors are serrapeptidase and nattokinase. I feel that our systemic enzyme blend is the most powerful enzyme blend on the market and they do include both serrapeptidase and nattokinase. I have witnessed hundreds of people utilize these enzymes with great success.

    The recommended dosage for ‘maintenance’ with our systemic enzyme blend is 1/2 a teaspoon, 2 – 3 times a day. I personally am an ‘extremist’ and have built up to taking over a teaspoon of enzymes on an empty stomach 2 – 3 times a day. I have been taking these dosages for around two years now. I know of some cancer patients who wanted to heal so badly that they chose to take up to 5 tablespoons of these systemic enzymes a day on an empty stomach, based on the recommendation of their holistic practitioners. I am very excited to say that we now have these systemic enzymes available “At-Cost” this month on our website…and for people who want to get large quantities of these goodies at the best rates, we also have a three-pack of the enzymes, for an even deeper discount – see these offers in the “At-Cost” section below.

    The standard half-pound bag of these enzymes usually costs $120, which may seem like a lot of cash to you. However, they are in essence less expensive pound-for-pound compared to any standard digestive enzymes that are usually filled with a high percentage of fillers. For example, you could buy a $25, 90 caplet bottle of far less superior, digestive enzymes from a health food store or you could most likely fill up five of those kind of bottles with our 8oz bulk bag. You can also use these therapeutic enzymes for digestive purposes. You just need to use less of them, because of their very high potency.

    I can give you example after example of how people have expedited the process of their healing with these magical sparkling catalysts. My friend from college healed herself from PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) by taking enzymes, drinking vegetable juice, cleansing the colon, and improving her dietary lifestyle. The process of healing herself so rapidly seemed to be miraculous, and I feel that wouldn’t have happened so quickly without the use of these systemic enzymes. You can read about her story by clicking here, or watch the video up above.

    To order our Metabolic/Systemic Enzyme Blend ‘At-Cost’ this month, including the new bulk bag options, go here-


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    “Blo0d Test Levels for Raw Food Eaters”, Article by Matt Monarch
    The following information is for educat!on only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    It is so blatantly obvious to me that the blo0d level numbers for a Raw Food Eater OUGHT, in fact, to be lower than the numbers for the mass majority of the modern human population.

    Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience…

    I have noticed that every couple of years, the “standard levels” for blo0d level numbers seem to keep increasing. I believe this is directly related to the increasing levels of toxicity within the mass majority of modern human beings. Decades ago, people everywhere were only eating simple, whole foods straight from the Earth. With the new technologies available today, we have reached a point where humans are processing foods like never before.

    So, why???… all of a sudden would there be a “need” to continually keep raising the blo0d level standards???!

    As the years go by, humans are collectively becoming more overweight and unhealthier, as they fill up on unneccessary, toxic foods. I would think the “authorities” base the blo0d level scales on stats from the majority of the population, who tend to eat a very poor d!et filled with excessive amounts of animal protein, refined starches, transfatty acids, and other processed foods. Of course the Vitamin B12 and D levels will potentially be higher in a person who eats a mass of animal protein every single day!

    To be honest with you, it drives me nuts that hundreds of raw food eaters think they are unhealthy, just because their blo0d levels fall within the lower end of the result scales. The blo0d level scales seem to me to be based on results from a decrepit human population eating the Standard American D!et. Of course! the blo0d levels for a 100% Raw Food Eater are going to show up as lower than for a person on the overloaded Standard American D!et!

    After I posted my personal blo0d test results a couple of months back, I was flooded with emails. Although all of my vitamin and mineral levels were in the healthy scale (on the lower end), people were throwing statistics and facts at me, such as that in Japan, (where fish is a huge part of their d!et), the Vitamin D lower scale levels were raised from 32 to 50-something. Here is another incident where the numbers are being shifted around based on a population where the majority of people eat fish as a staple in their diets.

    Additionally, another person sent me a message saying that Dr. Mercola also believes that the lower end of the Vitamin D scale should be much higher. Why, all of a sudden, do levels like these require increases, when the numbers seemed to serve us just fine for years on end?

    Dr. Mercola has talked publicly about how he regularly eats 10 eggs a day, which of course offers a substantial quantity of Vitamin D. Naturally his Vitamin D levels will potentially be much higher compared to a guy like me who doesn’t eat any eggs, fish or other animal protein and utilizes the sun for his Vitamin D intake. I am as healthy as can be and I know of others in their 80s succeeding just like me. Other Raw Food Eaters have expressed concerns that some of their levels were low, such as their serum creatinine levels, which are normally high in people who eat animal protein. Additionally, there are studies showing that when people stop eating animal protein, their B12 levels generally drop 100 – 200 points.

    In both of these cases, of course when you eliminate animal protein these levels will drop. Animal protein is saturated with these kinds of nutrients. Whether we “need” animal protein or not is a subject for another article, but in short, I feel that it is absolutely absurd that modern humans worldwide choose to eat animal protein, for many reasons.

    Three years ago, I got my blo0d test for Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

    The standard scales and my levels from back then are both stated below:

    Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy: Scale: 32 – 100, My Results: 38.7
    Vitamin B12: Scale: 211 – 911, My Results: 373

    Then two years later I got my blo0d tested out here in Ecuador and my results were as follows:

    Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy: My Results: 35.45
    Vitamin B12: My Results: 388

    (I am not sure what the “official” blo0d level scales are these days, as I got my blo0d tested here in Ecuador this time around and the levels here are even lower than the scales I mentioned above. I feel that the scales used here are more in line with a simple whole foods d!et such as humans are truly designed to be eating. The scale for Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy in Ecuador for example is 20 – 32, compared to the USA’s 32 – 100!)

    Although still in the “normal” ranges, I believe my Vitamin D levels went a few points down in these last results, because I had been in the sun less. I believe my Vitamin B12 levels stay in a healthy range without any B12 supplements, because I consume a 100% Raw Food D!et in a responsible manner and I cleanse my colon on a periodic basis.

    In my blo0d test from five years ago, I was .1 under the normal scale in iron, whereas 3 years ago I was fine in iron, but .1 below in calcium, and this year…all my levels were fine. I wasn’t concerned about being down by .1 or even 1 point, because I know that the blo0d levels of a 100% Raw Food Eater run on the lower side of these man-made scales, which seem to be based on results from the current “mainstream” human population.

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    Raw Food Short-Term & Long-Term Success, article by Matt Monarch
    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    It seems to be a common pattern that 100% Raw Food Eaters do really well with their health in the short-term and then in the long-term they sometimes run into deficiencies and other problems. Although I know of many raw food eaters who have succeeded with a 100% Raw Food Diet in the long-run, I have also witnessed others not do so well.

    Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience…

    The reason why most people do REALLY well with a 100% Raw Food Diet when they first get started is due to the sudden absence from their intake of all the HARMFUL foods that they were previously consuming. When foods that obstruct and damage the body are eliminated from a person’s diet, it enables their body to regenerate and heal. As an analogy, let’s say that you cut yourself with a kn1fe and you start bleeding. If you kept then purposefully scratching at that cut every day with that same kn1fe, it would prevent the skin from healing. We could say that repeatedly consuming harmful foods is kind of like repeatedly cutting yourself with that kn1fe…and if you finally stop eating those foods, your body will finally get a chance to heal and regenerate, just as your skin finally gets to heal if you don’t keep disturbing the cut area.

    People even have the potential to heal from all sorts of ailments, conditions and diseases by simply eliminating processed commercial foods forevermore. Eating a 100% Raw Food Diet is kind of like fasting, but less extreme. It is well-known that when we fast, we heal and regenerate. Fasting is simply eliminating all food from our dietary regimen. Therefore, when you eliminate all foods but Raw Foods from your intake, it is kind of like a “fast” in itself, due to the sudden absence of all those damaging foods from your intake.

    Yet although people can heal and regenerate when they eat a healthier diet, long-term success is not necessarily “guaranteed” with any healthier diet.

    The two main issues that people run into when adhering to a 100% Raw Food Diet seem to be the following:

    # Running into Deficiencies
    # Becoming Overly Toxic

    Although Raw Foods are healthier than commercial processed foods, and have more nutrients in them, most people don’t chew their food enough to unlock the nutrients. This can turn into deficiencises in the long-run. I therefore feel that it is key to eat easily absorbable foods (micronutrient foods) on an empty stomach two or more times a day, to help a person get all the nutrients they require in an easily assimilated way. I feel that it is also key to eat absorbable micronutrient foods before any other solid foods are consumed, as discussed HERE.

    When a person goes on a water fast, they usually go through a MASSIVE amount of cleansing, based on the fact that they have eliminated all substances from their intake except water. Similarily, on a 100% Raw Food Diet, you will cleanse on an ongoing basis, as your body clears out the debris from the past. I feel that it is KEY to cleanse the colon on a periodic basis when you start on a 100% Raw Food Lifestyle. Becoming “toxic” from the release of backed-up waste in the body that is not escorted out quickly can cause further damage and halt optimal absorption of nutrients.

    In the short-term, taking on a new lifestyle and finding healing results can feel easy. You just STOP eating processed foods – simple! However, in the long-term we need to strategize so that we don’t run into deficiencies and becoming internally toxic as the old waste is released. Focus on the micronutrient absorbable foods and cleanse the colon periodically and you’ll be on a much more solid path for long term Raw Success!

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    Processed Starches & Sea Spaghetti, Article by Matt Monarch
    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    The ONE food group, which seems to be WIDELY consumed the most and is the MOST HARMFUL to the body, is processed starches. The curious thing about this situation is that many people seem to think that bread and other processed starches are actually good for them and consistently eat them as STAPLE foods in their diets. I say that it’s time for humanity to move from processed starches to salads, or we’ll keep on reaping the disastrous consequences.

    Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience…

    According to Dr. Norman Walker, a processed starch molecule cannot break down within the body. In fact, it can’t break down in water, ether or even alcoh0l! When consumed, this molecule travels through the body in its unbreakable form. Over the years the millions of these molecules we consume start to cake onto our organs and clog up our bodies. “Germs” – which most people are scared of, despite the fact that they can actually do good for the human body – propogate onto these plaster walls of old food matter containing the starch molecules and help to break the starch molecules down. When the “germs” break down the starch molecules, they turn into a pus-like substance that gets eliminated from the body through mucus, pimples and so on. Can you imagine eating processed starches like this for decades on end and then expecting detoxification through a raw food diet is going to end in just a few days, months or years? I think not…

    A list of processed starches might include virtually ALL breads available out there, pastas, baked goods, pizza bases, standard cakes and cookies and so on. If something contains gluten, then hopefully for most people it is an obvious NO NO…, unless you want to fill up your body with glue…! Whole food, gluten-free grains, straight from the Earth are an excellent food choice for replacing the standard gluten-filled processed starches. Some whole food gluten-free options include quinoa, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, brown rice, baked potatoes (without “junk” like margarine on them – use coconut oil), and there are also countless whole grain gluten-free pastas and other similar products out there these days in health food stores, for example “Tinkyada Pasta” is a popular gluten-free brand.

    For great health and to avoid disease in the long-run, I feel that it is KEY to eliminate processed starches containing gluten! From my experience, processed starches is the most difficult food group to give up. We grew up on bread and other starchy foods and most of us have been consuming them all our lives. Additionally, they could be thought of as the “HEAVIEST” foods that we have been eating and when we eliminate them from our diet, we go through MAJOR withdrawals and detoxification! Cleansing the colon helps IMMENSELY with this aspect of detox.

    For those of you who don’t want to eat ANY grains, or if you are just looking for other alternatives, we’ve found a MIRACULOUS new “HEAVY”-feeling and extremely HEALTHY, mineral-rich alternative!!!… Sea Spaghetti!!!

    Sea Spaghetti is simply an unprocessed, mineral-rich type of seaweed, straight from the Ocean. When you eat this food, it feels just like eating pasta and it is extremely satiating. It is an IDEAL pasta replacement. The Sea Spaghetti comes in a 50 gm bag. When you soak it, it plumps up dramatically and can feed many people. After it is soaked it looks just like spinach fettuccine, like you might have seen in a health food store. If you look at the nutritional profile below on the Sea Spaghetti, you may realize that it is the most nutrient-dense seaweed you’ve ever seen available.

    A five gm serving of Sea Spaghetti contains:

    # 7% of our daily Vitamin C
    # 13% of our Potassium
    # 50% of our daily Magnesium
    # 3% of our daily Calcium
    # 333% of our daily Iodine (Perfect For Nuclear Radi@tion Protection!)

    Joanna from www.Sirova.com is the one who introduced us to this Sea Spaghetti! Below are a few speci@l Sea Spaghetti recipes that we got directly from Joanna. Check it out!

    When soaked, Sea Spaghetti becomes large and soft like tagliatelle noodles, and when coated in a delicious raw sauce, it is so similar to “real” pasta that you won’t believe your taste buds!

    Tagliatelle Al Pesto

    # 1 package raw Sea Spaghetti
    # 2 ounces fresh basil
    # 1/2 cup raw pine nuts
    # 2 garlic cloves
    # 2 T nutritional yeast (optional, but yummy and rich in B vitamins!)
    # 1/4 cup olive oil, and more as needed
    # 1/4 t salt, or to taste

    # Soak the Sea Spaghetti overnight in pure water, in the fridge. Rinse, if desired, and set aside.
    # In a food processor, blend all the other ingredients to make pesto. Add a little more olive oil if it seems too dry.
    Toss the Sea Spaghetti with the pesto, arrange on a serving plate, and enjoy!

    Creamy Alfredo Sea Spaghetti

    # Half package of Sea Spaghetti, soaked and tossed in garlic cashew sauce.

    Garlic Cashew Sauce
    # 3/4 cup raw cashews
    # 1/2 cup water
    # 1 large garlic clove
    # 1/2 t Sea Clear
    # 1/2 t salt
    # 2 T lemon juice
    # 1 drop plain liquid stevia
    # 1 T nutritional yeast (optional, but yummy and rich in B vitamins!)
    # Sprig cilantro

    Toss with drained Sea Spaghetti, and enjoy :)

    Garlic & “Butter” Sea Spaghetti

    # 1 cup soaked Sea Spaghetti
    # 1 clove garlic, mashed until creamy
    # 1 t – 1 T olive oil (or less, just to coat the spaghetti)
    # Ground black pepper, to taste
    # Chopped fresh parsley, or a few pinches dried
    # 1 T pine nuts
    # 1 T he-mp seeds

    # Mix the garlic, olive oil, pepper and parsley together.
    # Toss this garlic mixture with the Sea Spaghetti, and arrange on a plate.
    # Sprinkle the pine nuts and he-mp seeds on top, and serve.

    To order Sea Spaghetti


  • 09Mar

    Can Children Cleanse their Colons?, Article by Matt Monarch
    The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional before making any changes.

    How many times has your child been sick or you have seen a child sick, and you wanted to do everything in your power to help this child heal? In these situations, the majority of children in our societies of course end up going to the doctor and taking toxic pharmaceutical drugs. An “alternative”-minded caretaker might try natural remedies such as colloidal silver, medicinal herbs, and other concoctions to help the child heal. I would guess that again, more than half of the time, these well-meaning caretakers end up distraught and back at the doctor’s office too, because the alternative methods they tried didn’t quite do the trick.

    What if I told you that giving a sick child an emema may bring INSTANTANEOUS healing results?!!!!!!

    Please note: this article is based on anecdotal information and personal experience…

    Just the other day one of my neighbors who I was visiting was asking me if I had any Echinacea, Colloidal Silver or Ginseng. When I heard this, I KNEW something was going on. I asked why he wanted these things, and he told me that their child was bed-ridden. This little boy was extremely sick with a MASSIVE headache and couldn’t move. My inner core KNEW that the supplements they were asking for would do NOTHING in this case. All disease is the SAME!!! It’s the body trying to purge out an overload of toxins. Taking these kinds of products is NOT going to help the body massively purge in the most beneficial way.

    Gently, I told these friends that I did have a few of the products they were looking for, yet my feeling was that they would get far better results from giving their child an enema instead. I even told them that the results MIGHT be instantaneous. This dear husband and wife looked at each other with their eyebrows scrunched up, smiling, stating that their child doesn’t like to do that sort of thing. I just shrugged my shoulders and let it be. I then started talking to the husband about other things for around 20 minutes. Soon enough, the wife and her little son came walking outside. The boy was on his feet, feeling COMPLETELY better, as if nothing had happened. We both looked at them in SURPRISE and the mom told us that she had JUST given him an enema, with AMAZING results!!!


    Again, in this kind of situation, MOST children would surely end up going to the doctor and taking drugs, which would leave them less healthy overall. An enema, on the other hand, cleanses the child, leaving them more healthy. The drug surpresses the toxins and waste within the child’s body, while even more toxins are being added via the drugs themselves, leaving the child less “clean” and more unhealthy. In the long-run, these backed-up toxins will try to PURGE from the body once again and there will be even MORE build-up to handle the next time.

    This cycle is ONGOING and you can see why so many human bodies currently end up diseased in the long-run. We continually stop the natural purging process with drugs, and every time the body tries to unload these toxins once again, we surpress the process with more drugs. By the time we are 40, most of us have repeated this process so many times that most people find their bodies are riddled with at least one or more of the myriad illnesses plaguing humanity today.

    I shared this story of that child INSTANTANEOUSLY healing on our TV Show and since then we have received messages from many people THANKING us and stating that their children felt 100 X’s better after doing an enema. Here is an example from one woman below who allowed us to share her story… CHECK IT OUT!


    Subject: kids and enemas
    Hi Angela, When we got up this morning my little girl threw up and was complaining of tummy ache and generally was lolling around like a wet lettuce.
    I introduced the idea to my partner that the quickest way to move through the situation would be to give her an enema. I used the video where you and Matt talked about doing the same for a friend’s child to convince them both that it was worth a try. I did not force it upon her but did emplore her to at least try it once to see what the results were. She allowed me to do it, it was very simple and straight forward releasing some hard lumps easily and 10 minutes later she was renewed with zing and sitting down to breakfast.
    Im not sure if it was on another of your shows or somebody else’s that I heard of showing more videos of children talking about how doing this simple procedure helped them. My daughter would very much like to see examples of this to reassure her that it is an OK thing to do for your health and there are other children who happily use it when they are not feeling good. I have tried looking for videos but not come up with anything as yet. Could you recommend or direct me to someone else who could?

    Just got to get my partner to try it next!



    This pattern for relieving disease via cleansing the colon is REAL. Next time you or a loved one is sick, I recommend getting a series of colonics or trying multiple enemas. For children it can actually be easier, as they are newer to this existance and usually less toxic than adults. Children have built up fewer toxins within their bodies, whereas over the years we have usually been repeteadly getting sick and taking drugs, which suppresses these toxins from being able to purge out of our bodies. Therefore, when adults embark on this type of healing journey, we’ve usually got a lot more detoxification to do. I hope that more people become willing to help children relieve illness via this simple method, rather than encouraging them to fill their bodies up with more and more toxicity.


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