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    Lea Michele, Bill Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres,Alicia Silverstone,
    Carrie Underwood and their recipes!

    Alicia’s Millet and Sweet Vegetable Porridge looks good! And Ellen’s Banana Oat Pancakes!

    Also, Surprising Celebrity Vegetarians – Slides

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    In today’s Take Action Video – Getting Started With Healthy Foods, you will discover:

    • How green juices can transform your health
    • Why we crave processed food
    • How to make everyday foods taste amazing!
    • Should you remove ALL sugar from your diet?
    • How sugar feeds cancer
    • Simple ways to “tune your instrument” (meditation, yoga, relaxation)
    • How to move through sticky emotional situations
    • 3 free recipes (Perfect Green Juice, Papaya Enzyme Facial and Detox Bath)
    Watch the take action video and download your 3 free recipes here:

    If you haven’t yet watched the Hungry For Change film or you want to share this event with your family and friends, use the link below:

    In Good Health,


    James & Laurentine
    Producers ‘Hungry For Change’ & ‘Food Matters’

    Coming Up:

    Monday, March 25th: Take Action Video with with Dr Chris Northrup
    Wednesday, March 27th: Take Action Video with Daniel Vitalis
    Friday, March 29th: Live Q&A with Jon Gabriel

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    To Your Health! Five Healthy Habits Of Healthy People


    I only pasted in #3 and #4 but you can see all at the link….

    3. Get Connected – How To Sharpen Your Mind, Improve Your Mood And Keep Your Body’s Chemistry In Tune.

    Holford says Eat your lentils! and more:

    “The most critical biological process that helps achieve this is called methylation. By adding or subtracting tiny molecules, called methyl groups, your body can fine-tune your chemistry to help keep you feeling good. There are an estimated one billion of these methylation reactions every couple of seconds…

    It takes 30 days to experience a noticeable effect on your mood, memory and motivation as a result of improving your methyl IQ…

    Here’s what to do: Have a serving of beans, lentils, nuts and seeds every day. Have two servings of green vegetables every day…Exercise, but don’t over exercise. Supplement a multivitamin every day containing at least 20mg of vitamin B6, 200mcg of folic acid and 10mcg of B12…

    Test your homocysteine level.”

    4. Perfect Your Digestion – Discover Your Best And Worst Foods.

    Holford says it best:

    “Literally every molecule in your body comes from what you put into your mouth, so it’s not so much as case of what you eat but what you digest and absorb. With the exception of oxygen, all the nutrients your body needs are delivered through your digestive tract…

    Our ‘inside skin’ — a 9m (30 ft) long tract with a surface area the size of a tennis court — is only a quarter of the thickness of a sheet of paper and is easily damaged by the wrong foods or drinks. Amazingly, most of the billions of cells that make up this barrier between us and the inside world are renewed every four days.”

    The book has questionnaires and a 30-day action plan to help you discover which foods are best for you.

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    Juicing for Healthy, Glowing Skin
    Posted on May 18, 2012
    Can You Get a Tan By Eating Vegetables?

    “Dark green, yellow, orange, and red vegetables are loaded with carotenes, which act as natural sunscreens working from the inside out. That doesn’t mean that you won’t need a topical sunscreen, but that you will be getting protection from the inside, too. And vegetable juices offer another benefit you may never have heard about—they give your skin a natural glowing tan.

    New research suggests that eating vegetables gives you a healthy tan.

    A study, led by Dr Ian Stephen at The University of Nottingham, showed that eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables gives you more of a healthy golden glow than the sun…”


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    Achieve Natural Healthy Skin with a Homemade Organic Juice
    via Holistic Healing and Natural Alternative Health Care Solutions by erin_legg on 4/20/12


    With a good recipe and video!
    10 strawberries, washed, trimmed, and diced
    3 large oranges, washed, peeled, and diced
    3 small stalks of celery, washed and finely diced
    10 baby carrots, washed and finely diced
    2 cups 100% apple juice

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    Greetings, Sublime Sage :)

    WOW, Newsletter number 150 already… ;O
    More than anything, may we wish you j0y today as we expl0re…:

    Twenty Tips For Healthy Raw Eating – Part 2
    Last week I shared the first ten tips from the “Twenty Tips For Healthy Raw Eating” section of my book “Raw Emotions”. This week we shall dive into the remaining ten tips; N.B. these tips are in NO particular order – enjoy :)

    *Be Cautious of ‘Overlapping’

    After consuming anything, leave time to finish digesting that before ingesting more. Otherwise, if you’re still digesting some mango then eat a nut burger, you overlap digest!ve tasks and create issues. Ideally, eat fruit or drink veggie juice before a meal, on an empty stomach (for better absorption), then eat about thirty minutes later. Avoid fruit as dessert, or it gets stuck behind other foods and ferments.

    *Avoid Eating Late at Night

    Evening time is commonly recognised as the time of weakest digestion, in Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, etc. Aim to stop eating at least three hours before you sleep, to give the body time to digest. Consider having your biggest meal of the day in the middle of the day. In terms of weight loss too, eating complex food combinations late at night makes releasing fat more challenging.

    *Find Your Balance

    Maintain a good balance of fruit, greens and fats in your intake, for optimal health. Fruits are ‘aggressive’ cleansers; eating lots of fruit can foster mood swings, anger, spaciness, ungroundedness etc., especially if you’re not very active. Understand what you’re doing to your body. Read Matt Monarch’s book Raw Success (especially ‘The Blo0d Gas Theory’) for more on balance and detox.


    Be open to trying new foods. If you’ve never tried barberries before, how will you know if you like them, or if your body ‘needs’ anything in them? Find satisfying new alternatives for your old favourites: e.g. cheese & crackers = dip & flax crackers now. Try out one or two new foods weekly. You may find that foods you didn’t like before now taste nice to you, as your taste buds change.

    *Detox Gently

    If you’re releasing fat, you’re releasing toxins. You might feel weighed down/spacey/out of energy/depressed, etc., as toxins enter the bloodstream and potentially ‘re-tox’ you. You can help your body move the waste out with colon cleansing, powdered enzymes, daily green juices and maybe even taking zeolites. Consuming plenty of greens helps the body balance, so it can release even those common ‘stubborn last ten pounds’.
    *Organic and Wild

    Organic foods have a much higher nutrient and enzyme content. Using non-organic produce is actually harmful for you and the environment. Choose organic whenever possible, especially with water-rich produce like lettuce/celery/strawberries. Foraging your own wild food for free is a fabulous skill to develop. The vitality in fresh wild greens far exceeds sh0p-bought greens, even if they are organic.


    Healthy raw foods and juices can be your ‘medicine’ now. There are also a few supplements you may find beneficial. Here are four I take regularly: probiotics to support my intestinal flora; enzymes to support every process of my body; kelp to support my thyroid; B-12 tablets as a ‘back-up’ in case my food/intestinal flora aren’t providing plenty of this vitamin. All these products are available from the RawReform Store.

    *Raw Food Tr@vel

    On trips, take heavier/dense/dried foods like nuts, seeds, flax crackers, goji berries, seaweed, chia seeds and so on. Then grab fresh produce and juices as and when you can. You might also want to tr@vel with a little ‘mag!c bullet’ blender, to make dips/sauces/dressings. Tr@vel with green powder, such as the product ‘Greener Grasses’. It’s always good to have green powders on hand, especially if you can’t find fresh organic greens.


    It’s rare to see raw foodists drink alcoh0l, coffee, black tea or colas/sodas. These items all sap the body’s natural energy flow. Caffeine stimulates our adrenals, generating a false energy boost that ultimately drains us more. Alcoh0l places a huge strain on the whole body. Ceasing/minimising the use of these, along with other drugs – both recreational and prescribed – can greatly enhance health.

    *Bless Your Food

    The things you eat are about to literally ‘become you’ – try saying ‘hello’ first! If you pause before eating to bless your meal, give gratitude and visualise where it came from, this helps make the food less anonymous. It can also help you to centre, become present and relax, instead of ‘diving in’ to a meal, barely noticing the contents and eating quickly. Raise the vibration of your food with love and blessings.

    If you don’t yet have your own copy of Raw Emotions, you can get either an e-book or printed book version HERE – enjoy :)


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    Twenty Tips For Healthy Raw Eating – Part 1
    Last week saw the end of the recent Raw Emotions Study Group, after 14 weeks of weekly readings and discussions together. I personally really enjoyed the process – thanks SO much to all of you who participated :)
    (The next upcoming Raw Emotions course is with the Academy for Optimal Living – read on below…)

    One of the very last sections that we read in the Study Group struck me as smthg potentially very useful to share here with y’all. It is an appendix of the book called “Twenty Tips For Healthy Raw Eating” and my intention is to share the first ten tips on the list this week, followed by the second half next week (N.B. the tips are in NO particular order) – enjoy :)

    There are many ways to eat raw and the following is merely a simple set of guidelines that you may find useful. It is always wise to experiment for yourself and see what feels good to you. There are plenty of other resources out there to tap into for more information on these matters. For example, Matt Monarch’s book Raw Success gives an excellent overview on how eating raw affects the phys!cal body.

    *Don’t Eat Anything That Doesn’t Rot

    Processed foods, made with all kinds of preservatives and chemicals to prolong their ‘shelf life’, may take many years to break down, if ever. See shocking evidence of this on YouTube.com, where the ‘Bionic Burger’ video shows anscreen shot 2011-09-12 at 9.40.42 am.png intact collecti0n of fast-food burgers dating back to 1989. These ‘foods’ haven’t rotted, e ven after years. Imagine what things like this do inside your body.

    *Choose Gluten-Free Foods

    Wheat, rye, barley and oats – as well as spelt, couscous and kamut, to a lesser degree – all contain gluten. The protein gluten is a common food allergen; it clogs you up, slows digestion and is an intestinal irritant. Wheat flour mixed with water becomes glue paste – do you want to eat that…? Healthy alternatives include amaranth, buckwheat, corn/maize, rice, quinoa and millet, if you eat grains at all.

    *Animal Products

    It’s not necessary to be vegan to benefit from being raw. People can feel healthy on animal products, provided they’re raw – it’s cooked/pasteurised animal foods that really cause a lot of damage. Eating cooked meat is like eating leather; it’s very dense to digest. Pasteurised dairy is highly mucus-forming, acidifying and mineral-leaching. All ‘ethics’ aside, it’s the life force of raw animal foods that can nourish people.

    *Eat Whole Foods

    Processed starches, refined sugars, trans-fats (manufactured, partially hydrogenated fats with long shelf lives, e.g. margarine) and so on cannot be easily recognised or used by the body. Aim for whole foods straight from the Earth instead (cooked if you like). Many vegetarians/vegans don’t look so healthy, as they replace animal products with processed foods like pastas, bread etc. Remember: ‘The middle aisles will kill you’!

    *Vegetable Juice

    Drink veggie juice daily for optimal health. Use a range of vegetables, especially leafy greens. Veggie juice helps our body become more alkaline and offers incredibly fresh, highly absorbable nutrients. See Norman Walker’s Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices book for more info. Drink at least one green veggie drink daily – preferably fresh juice – maybe a green smoothie, or even just green powder in water/coconut water.

    *Mineral-Dense Foods

    Most people are chronically demineralised, a resu1t of both poor food choices and topsoil erosion. To balance out, consume lots of foods like seaweeds, seeds and nuts, chia, maca, dark green leafy vegetables, green powders, sprouts/greens grown with ocean water solution, etc. You can also supplement minerals if a blo0d/hair analysis shows a deficiency – take the angstrom or colloidal forms.

    *Sprouts and Seaweeds

    These are two major health keys for a modern raw foodist. Sprouts are packed with enzymes, are very easy and cheap to grow and give year-round fresh nourishment, anywhere. Seaweeds contain all the ocean minerals, including plenty of iodine, helping balance low thyroid activity. Nori and dulse are popular; I also love Sea Spaghetti and wakame. We sell many seaweed products in the RawReform Store.

    *At Least 50% Raw

    If at least half of what you eat is fresh raw food, you’ll be on a healing path. That’s 50% by the weight of the food and not the volume. (A salad weighs much less than pasta with meatballs, though they may cover half a plate each.) Of the raw foods you consume, also aim for at least 50% of those to be fresh/living raw foods, rather than dehydrated/packaged products.

    *Food Combining

    For digest!ve ease, eat simple combinations. Wild animals usually eat mono-meals. If we use five ingredients or fewer in meals, it’s easier to digest. This can be refined over time. A few basic ideas: don’t eat nuts and seeds, avocadoes, etc. (fats) with your fruits (sugars), or starchy veggies (e.g. yams) with either. Green leafy veggies combine well with everything. Keep melons separate from all other food.


    Some people find raw foods hard to digest; they may have weak stomach acid or not be used to much fibre. Sweet or savoury ‘pre-digested’ blended meals help, by breaking fibre down, making nutrient access easier. Few people chew well; blending food is like having the blender chew for you. Be sure to still chew smoothies in your mouth, though. Drinking celery juice daily is also great for raising up stomach acid.

    If you don’t yet have your own copy of Raw Emotions, you can get either an e-book or printed book version HERE – http://www.therawfoodworld.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=0&keyword=raw+emotions&x=34&y=16

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    Fwd: Tips for Freezing Fresh Produce | Care2 Healthy & Green Living
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    Subject: Tips for Freezing Fresh Produce | Care2 Healthy & Green Living



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