• 22Mar

    Here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about Montana…

    You know you live in Montana if…

    If your local Dairy Queen is closed from September through May, you may live in Montana.

    If someone in a Home Depot store offers you assistance and they don’t even work there,

    If you’ve worn shorts and a jacket at the same time,

    if you’ve had a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number,

    if “vacation” means going anywhere south of Missoula for the weekend,

    If you measure distance in hours,

    if you know several people who have hit a deer more than once,

    iyou have switched from ‘heat’ to ‘A/C’ and back again twice in the same day,

    if you can drive 75 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching

    if you install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both doors unlocked,

    if you carry jumpers in your car and your wife knows how to use them,

    if you design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit,

    if driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow, i

    f you know the 4 seasons as: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction,

    if you have more miles on your snow blower than your car,

    if you find 10 degrees “a little chilly”, you may live in Montana…

  • 25Aug

    Join us for The Fall Whole Health Warrior Green Juice Fast and Cleanse

    October 15th – Whole Health Warrior Fall Green Juice Fast and Cleanse

    Mark your calendar if you wish to join us for the WHW Fall Fast and Cleanse.
    We will start on October 15th and you may go as short or as long as you wish. Thus far most are committing to 7 days, some are doing 10 and a few are doing 14.

    The protocol we are using is a green juice fast as taught at Gabriel Cousens’ Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona.This blog will have all of the details for you to follow. It will also have a daily update, notes, and commentary once the cleanse and fast begins. One spiritual objective of this fast is to spend meditative time contemplating a global shift to the light and what we can each do as individuals to make it happen.

    If you wish to participate and be part of the group simply email me at: wholehealthwarrior2012@gmail.com and let us know you are in, and include your own email address so we can send you updates etc.It will be fun to see how many people join in.

    If you want to do this and don’t have a juicer find a local juice bar, give them the juice recipe that will be posted here and get started, tell the juice bar people we will post their names here as being part of the shift and willing to help. Right now we have juice bars in California, New york, Canada, Bozeman, Montana and quite a few places that are ready to make fresh green juice if you need it.

    Watch this blog for updates, suggestions, protocols and the juice recipe.

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    This is a good example of where we live – Livingston is just 20 minutes from here.

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    Fwd: Raw Food Lifestyle in a Cold Climate Testimonial of the Month

    Subject: Raw Food Blog » Blog Archive » Raw Food Lifestyle in a Cold Climate Testimonial of the Month.htm

    Raw Food Lifestyle in a Cold Climate: Testimonial of the Month
    February 5th, 2012 . by Tonya Zavasta

    Raya Johansson from Montana writes:

    Tonya, you say: “Many people comment on how difficult it can be to follow a raw food lifestyle in a cold climate.”

    Now, fortunately, I can say that hasn’t been my experience. My husband and I are originally from Finland—cold climate people from the get-go—so we somehow just naturally know how to deal with such things.

    Eating 100% raw in a cold climate is actually not hard at all. But you need to learn a secret. Here’s what I tell people in my raw food group…

    Warm versus cooked food…Here we’re caught on the horns of a dilemma. One horn: raw foodists and all the healing that’s taken place with raw eating. The other: the macrobiotic claims that you have to cook all your food to help the spleen.

    But a thought…if the spleen really does need warm food, why jump to the conclusion that it has to be cooked? That is a big misconception. When you cook food, do you eat it at a boiling temperature? No—you let the food cool down to 110° F or so. At that temperature, it feels warm, but does not burn your mouth. Why, then, did we ever need to cook our food in the first place, if just 110° F is a good eating temperature? Just because the culture said so!

    Here’s what we do now—“we” being I and my formerly macrobiotic cook-husband. Over five long cold Montana winters—5 ½ years of 100% raw foods—we have warmed our food to 105 – 110 degrees using double boilers. In the case of plain fruit, we’ve put the fruit into 110° F water for 15 to 20 minutes until the whole apple, pear, banana, grapes, persimmon or what have you is completely warm. We also have a good, temperature-controlled skillet that we adjust to 110 degrees so that at any time we can warm our fruit, or use it to warm our salad bowls. To keep our food warm throughout mealtimes, we’ll bring our double boiler near the table, its hot water continuing to keep food warm.

    We make raw soups in our Vita Mix blender, finding that it actually nicely warms the food when we let it run a little while. We also put our raw soup in the double boiler to keep it warm while eating. We drink warm water only, always just above 100 degrees, like everything else. That is very important—we start our day by drinking 110° F water right away upon awakening.

    When we make fresh juice, that goes to the warm water bath, too. In wintertime, we put nothing in our mouths that is below body temperature. Room temperature, you should realize, is roughly 30 degrees F lower than body temperature, so in wintertime don’t take any food or drink that is at room temperature. The liver has to make up the difference.

    The key for living in a cold climate and being able to eat all raw is to eat warm, raw, living foods.

    The temperature of the warming water is about right when you can keep your hand in the water without your hand feeling a burn. Food warmed to that range of temperature hasn’t yet been heated enough to begin destroying its enzymes. Go higher, though, and you’ll begin to lose food value. Just as when a fever goes over 107 degrees, the brain starts to coagulate and the body to die, the same happens with our food—at higher temperatures, it dies and denaturalizes.

    Cooking creates chemicals that the body cannot use, and thus lots of waste material for the body to handle. Cooking destroys important food enzymes. (There are many scientific studies about this fact, starting with Kouchakoff’s in the 1930s. Go and Google him.)

    This misunderstanding, that in order for food to be warm it has to be cooked first, has led the macrobiotics believe that you have to cook your food in order for our spleen and digestive system to work properly. But in truth, there’s simply no need to cook at all, so long as what we eat is in the 105 to 110° F range.

    The Vita Mix blender or any other 2-horsepower blender can make food as nice thick, warm, pudding-like texture, good tasting, and easily digested. Years of experience prove it!

    We can find love, life and light in our food, without heating the life out of it!

    — Raya Johansson, Montana, rayanjan@wispwest.net

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  • 06Dec

    Here’s our raw food potluck #2 in Bozeman, Montana this year!

    We had Exotic Berry Beet Punch, Truffle Brownies, Guacamole, Corn Salsa, Stuffing, Beet Salad, Tabouli, Montana Harvest Cheesecake – all raw!

  • 07Nov

    Raw Food Support Group at Montana Harvest

    Raw Food Potlucks starting! Woohoo!
    At Montana Harvest, the health food store here in BOzeman, Montana. They have graciously offered their store
    to host our potlucks, the third Tuesday of every month.

    So our first potluck will be next Tuesday, Nov. 15th from 5:30-6:30 p.m.
    Come! And bring any raw food dish!

  • 19Mar

    Our sesame seeds here are $7.99 a pound!
    This is hunter’s country, here! Can you believe it! EVERYONE hunts. Our raw food group has, like 4-15 people, tops.
    We only get together once in awhile for pot-lucks.
    We do have tons of apples and pears and berries of all kinds to pick, including the huckleberry! Tomatoes, greens,
    root vegetables, all grow well here, but our season is awfully short! We’re starting our indoor plants now, will plant
    them in about 6-9 weeks, and then the season is over late August, early September. That’s it for growing time! So
    I grow alot of greens indoors all year.
    Have a wonderful day!

    We have no raw food restaurants, however our Co-op is big and has a small variety of raw foods in their deli, mostly salads.They have wheatgrass and spirulina upstairs in their cafe, along with a host of vegan goodies and smoothies. They do have ALOT of raw foods to buy, including the local produce.

  • 14Mar

    Today starts my journal blog on a fast coupled with hydrotherapy. And I thought, if I journaled my feelings and what it’s like to go on a fast, it’ll help me get over the rough spots. And I am so ready for this!
    See, Matt Monarch wrote that before he was a raw-foodist, he had acne, so he did hydrocolon therapy, and then again, 10 days later, and never had acne, ever again! And he stayed completely a raw-foodist these 12 years or so.
    That just hit home with me. If you’ve got all this impacted stuff in your colon, residue from medicines, from environmental toxins, poisons, food additives, parasites maybe, mucus, etc… then your skin and immune system are constantly trying to detox. So if you clean your colon completely, at a very deep level, your skin would clear up! As well as diseases of the body!
    So I want to see what it does for me.
    I called this place here in Bozeman, Mt, Healing Waters, and asked her all kinds of questions. First of all, it’s $50 a session, not $170, which is what I was picturing. And one of the first things out of her mouth was, “There’s no pain. You hardly feel anything.” Cool! My second fear vanished.
    So I went in for a session, and she was completely right. It’s so easy! And she had you rub your stomach with a massager the entire time – like 40 minutes or something, and washes your colon completely, and it feels amazing! And I’ve had like, psychic-feeling energy for a week!
    So she said, if you want to completely clear your colon, start with a clean slate, you could go on a fast. And have your colon cleansed while doing it, and that way there is NO DETOX!
    That’s what I’m doing starting today. Georgia Cold, certified Hydocolontherapist, developed this fast that uses the Master Cleanse. It’s:
    4 times a day – 64 oz in 16 oz. portions of:
    16 oz. water
    1 T. psyllium seed husk
    juice of 1/2 lemon
    dash cayenne pepper
    1 T. molasses or organic grade B maple syrup (not raw, but I’m doing it).

    This next part Georgia recommends only doing it while received hydro-colon-therapy. It particularly cleanses parasites out of the system, making your body way too toxic to handle without having the colon cleansed simultaneously.

    juice 16 oz. 4 times a day (64 0z. per day)
    1/2 beet
    3-4 stalks celery
    1 whole apple
    enough carrots to make the 16 oz. (~6)
    (I’m adding my aloe vera juice to this, taking MSM and blue-green algae, which she said was fine).

    All the vegetable, chicken, beef or Miso broth you need. You can also have 1-2 boiled eggs, daily. (Don’t know if I’ll do any of this. I doubt it).
    All the herbal teas you like. (Definitely doing this).
    1/2 c. sauerkraut every other day, or 1/4 c. day. (Definitely doing this. I started my vege kraut 3 days ago. LOVE vege kraut).

    Georgia also said I could have my daily Kombucha, (4 oz. twice a day), wheatgrass (1 0z/day) and rejuvelac (4-6 oz.)
    So I’m getting alot of my usual stuff, and I think I’ll be fine.
    It feels wonderful, and I’m so excited, like I’m doing a Dream-Vision Journey, or something. We’ll see. After the first hydrotherapy last Tuesday, a liver spot on my hand went completely away, just vanished. God knows what else happened,
    besides the enormous, never-failing energy for 6 days now! Woohoo! I’m so excited. No reason to cancel any of my classes I teach, she says, because I’ll have tons of energy, and my stomach will be really flat. Neat! Doing walking today with my dog, did yoga already.

    Georgia writes,
    3-Day Cleanse, 5-Day Cleanse, 7-Day Cleanse
    “This cleanse pulls the deepest ropes out of the body, allowing the body to heal itself on the very deepest level. It pulls the toxins, heavy metals and poisons out of the body, along with impactions, fecal matter, mucus, pus, and parasites. You will also want to use Swiss Kriss laxatives. If you would like to continue the cleanse longer than 7 days, please schedule 2-3 weeks in advance.”

    She charges no fee to guide you through the fast, which I like.
    1015 W. Mendenhall, Bozeman, MT


    Day 1 – 5 p.m. This is when I usually stop eating, so I will on this fast, as well. The day went well, my goodness, that’s alot of liquids! Had to go the bathroom alot! Time for the last beet juice mix, but I’m not sure I want it! Other than that I stayed on the fast; just felt cold all day. (not strange in Bozeman, Mt, at 44 degrees, but strange for me. I don’t usually feel cold.)
    Found myself dancing across the living room and singing in the bathroom. This is just so completely right, right now. You just gotta do something when it feels right! Walked my dog and did some yoga.

    Day 2 – 8 a.m. Got up at 6:30 a.m and feel absolutely wonderful, not light-headed or anything! No detox symptoms., except the chilliness. My skin looks better. While I was reading the day of my colon therapy, a bump on my forehead stung, and I just brushed it off. Brushed it off?! Weird, and it’s gone.
    Weird. But great! That bump has been there for about a year! Looking forward to doing the hydrocolon therapy again tonight at 6 p.m.!
    Yesterday, and still, very grateful that I was a raw-foodist before tackling this fast. No desires for bread, or cheese, or cokes, or meat, or chips. I actually didn’t want anything in particular! Except to eat, in general. i usually have alot more calories, nuts, seeds and chocolate. But no cravings! That is a miracle.

    9 p.m. Stilllll….the buzzing energy. It’s been one week!I just had the 2nd cleanse, and feel amazing. I made it through day 2, so I feel great about that! And she said I could start adding some cucumber, kale, ginger, a little avocado for protein, since I don’t eat eggs.  I can’t wait to see the benefits! woohoo! Taught tai chi today and walked my dog.

    Day 3 – Okay, I can’t believe I’m still on this fast. It’s so unlike me! But seeing all that crap from my intestines leave my system this morning was a GREAT motivation! And she said there’d be more tomorrow! There was a little yeast the first day, and some built-up acid, which I’m verrry glad to get out of my body, where it was trapped. The beet juice is cleaning the liver and other organs, and plaque is continually leaving as well. Great news for my body.

    My mind is still on a high, buzzing, buzzing, energy. Being cold has almost disappeared, the tongue is healthier. I still reallllly want more food, but noticed it’s mostly during the noon to 2 p.m. hour, when I usually crave most of my calories.  Did add the cucumber to the beet juice, as well as ginger root, and it’s really good. Taught yoga and walked my dog today.

    Day 4 – still fasting and I feel utterly fantastic! Got rid of alot of plaque during cleansing, 1 diverticuli, and 2 worms, yikes! She said they were over 10 years old. Oh, my gosh. I’m so glad I got those out of my body. All that stuff clinging to the colon. Yikes again. Whew! What a relief to have it out of there!

    Taught yoga today, and walked my dog.

    Day 5 – fasted well and added Power 7 Cleanse to water, 1 T in 4 glasses of water. Whoa, I’m still reeling from the cleanse this morning. I released SO much waste, plates of it, from 51 years of living, and 33 feet of colon. Oh, my gosh, I’m so happy! A huge, huge smile burst over my face, I got in the car, the kundalini rose to to my head and I just started crying. I feel the energy in my head again, as I write, and just so much happiness, joy, gratefulness and tears, you can’t imagine. I’m so grateful to Georgia Cold for leading me through this cleansing.

    It’s amazing how the mindset changes from, “I want to eat,” to “I want to cleanse!”

    Lead some special olympics practice today, but was sleepy several times, and wanted to lie down. I took 3 power naps!

    Day 6 – This morning and every morning for 10 days,  felt ecstatic. Lots of cleansing, tons of plaque – more than yesterday! And one more worm, yikes again! Georgia said I will never have to do the cleanse and fast again! “It’s permanent!” she said. I’m starting with a clean slate in my intestines. Just like being born again! And that’s how I feel. Walked my dog today did some light yoga. Last day tomorrow! I’ll be very grateful for all the raw food I eat!

    Day 7 – Did the colon treatment today, still with fasting, and it turns out there’ll be one more day of cleansing – still releasing alot of plaque from 51 years of living, and one hard ball of diverticuli again.  One week of fasting/for 51 years of living isn’t such a bad deal! And, my skin will be clearer (already is!)-4/7 age spots disappeared on my hand and arm. My eyes will be brighter, body lighter (already lost 8 pounds), more flexible, tons more energy (I sure know that already! I never want to go back!). I’ll be able to absorb WAY more nutrients than I have since being a child. Little or no body odor/breath, low blood pressure will continue, arteries and veins will be free. I’m sure there’s much more healing than I’ll even know about! And kundalini rising! Yoga and walking today.

    Day 8 – The therapist was quite surprised to find more plaque, today, but it’s almost gone. Okay – tomorrow will be my last day, and then 10 days from now, one more to clean out debris. Today there was substantial plaque, 1 worm and 1 diverticuli, but also considerable pure beet juice flowing through the organs easily – the sign of a clear colon, a clear 33 foot colon! I came out and sat down for a minute, and felt clear exuberance. The body, not me emotionally, but the body, feels clean, and white, somehow, the stomach flat. I feel, ME, emotionally exuberant! Calm, clear running calm throughout me, like a river of easy calm, peace.

    Doing tai chi now, and yoga now, will have wonderful free-flowing effects on my body! I can’t wait to experience what I will experience!

    Day 9 – Still waiting for the beet juice flowing through the intestines to be free-flowing of plaque and diverticuli, both of which were seen today – but not much! And one possible worm. So the therapist thinks tomorrow will be the last day. yahoo!  Emotionally a little weary tonight, but physically high, so no problem continuing. Great tai chi class tonight, and wonderful swimming hour with a client today at work.  Thank God Kevin, my husband, walked my dog for me, in this crazy weather! We had every possible weather here, in Bozeman today – rain, wind, snow, hail, sun, spring, and winter, cold, and warm sun also. Weird!

    My skin looks beautiful tonight, beautiful for me. And my stomach was SO FLAT in my bathing suit. I have had zero body smells for over a week, and my weight stabilized 4 or 5 days ago. It’s really living off it’s simple nutrients!

    Day 10 – Vibrant! More plaque though, and more diverticuli, without any sign of infection, so that’s great! None or little mucus in the last days. Even the therapist is surprised how much plaque there is in my body, but I’m healing more every day, and alot of the beet water is running clear through my system. I did have a compete healing of my hip – what looked like nerve damage from an accident 40 years ago. I couldn’t lay on my right side for more than a few minutes, for the last several months. It almost felt like burning, but not quite. And it has gone completely away and I sleep on my right side again! A miracle! Georgia says all is healed when the colon is cleansed – bones, nerves, muscles – all are cleansed when the body runs clear. And it appears to be true! Walked and did yoga today.

    Day 11 – Felt cold and sleepy yesterday, during most of the day, and wanted to eat. The body is staying the same weight, but emotionally wanted to get off the fast. This morning am much of the same. We’ll see what happens!

    Yep, there’s like 20 minutes of pure flowing beet juice, and then….ohhhhh, a long line of plaque and huge worm. I can’t say it enough – I’m so glad to get that out of there! Disheartening for my emotions to still be going on the fast, but that’s that! Very humbling for my money situation and having to still do the colonic.

    Day 12 – So I just passed another 2 feet of plaque! Wowee, the body is gentle to me yet beautiful. It has to go 24 hours plaque free to be considered in a perfect, permanent state. So, in this moment, I’m motivated to continue. One more day….one more day…..Oh! And another amazing night of being able to sleep on my side – zero discomfort! Zero pain! All signs of a problem, completely gone! THAT is a miracle. Thank you, God! I’m stopping today, and can eat whatever raw food I like again. Whewee! That’s gonna be nice eating mangoes and strawberries and green shakes…. and everything. But just for 10 days. On the 10 th day I juice fast again, and then clean up my system and all the dregs and left-behinds to finish up. Georgia requested me to journal any more cleansing I might have during this time.

    My skin looks amazing, by the way. I don’t know if anyone else would notice, but it looks like a completely different skin than the person I’m used to. It’s more dense, clear…newer! I can’t wait to see how it reacts to the total cleanse over the years.

    Writing again in 10 days!

    4/6/10 Just did 2 more colon cleanses, and 3 days of fasting, and still MORE PLAQUE and diverticuli! I mean, I can’t believe how much was impacted in this relatively small body. 5’7 3/4 “, hovering around 125 -127 pounds. How much could there be!!! Being 51, I know, but still. The colon therapist is so surprised. So, because of scheduling, I’m going back in another 10 days to do the finishing cleansing. There is alot less, and clear, clear beet water for several minutes. But then, more plaque. We gotta finish next time!

    My hydrotherapist said I’d get no allergies anymore. I have a new colon, free from anything that would attract allergies, like a new-born baby! And the colon is actually strengthened by this water treatment! Everyone around has itchy eyes, watery, and itchy noses from allergies. Not me! Nothing! I didn’t even know allergy season was here, except for others’ reactions.

    4/7/10 Energy fantastic, all day long, still, at 4:43 p.m.! Yoga next.

    4/17/10 Just did 3+ days of fasting and 2 more colon cleanses. I added a green smoothie with flax seed to the last 2 days. There was barely any plaque, so I am, truly, almost done. But yesterday I did have 2 worms, and today , a worm, an egg, followed by a HUGE, maybe 6-7 inch, probably roundworm. I had felt shaky and trembly for about 20 minutes before that. Georgia says they hold on by their teeth! Yikes again! Emotions freeing as well. I cried for the second time this morning, for  a few minutes, on my way home. Cleansing crying, with some sadness in it. Perhaps for the deadbeat worm that was hanging on inside. So I’m gonna do “Para Control” for the next 30 days to get rid of any more. I don’t have to fast with it. You just take  2 capsules twice a day. And it’s all herbs- black walnut, garlic, cascara bark, and about 20 more, and them psyllium, alfalfa, flax, etc… in the other capsule.  A good blend. I like what it says on the box. Then I’ll go back for a colon cleanse in 10 days. My goodness, this is humbling. I like worms, but I don’t want to live with them.

    “Harmony Formulas Para-Control is a powerful cleansing formula that creates an unfriendly environment for parasites. In reality, there are few animals on earth that complete their lifecycle alone, without the involvement of other organisms. Just as we rely on living plants and animals for food and nourishment, there are life-forms that directly rely on us to survive. While many organisms that inhabit the human body are supportive and live in harmony with out systems, some organisms live to only benefit themselves and may disrupt the body’s natural balance.”

    Sounds like an old boyfriend of mine.

    4/29/10 Just finished3 more days of fasting, 2 of cleansing, a little plaque still in there . I wouldn’t take this many days of cleansing as the norm. The colon therapist had no idea I would have this much junk, worms, etc… in my body, after 2+ years of transitioning to raw food. So don’t take me as the norm! You may not have to do this much cleansing!

    4/30/10 Crisis today. Oh, my gosh, started with trembling, like the big worm exit on the 17th. Had to come home from work after 3 hours, so much releasing, releasing of toxins, plaque, worms, sometimes 2-3 times an hour; achy body, fevers until nighttime. Too heavy and hard to even ask for a colon cleansing, barely could get out of bed. Yesterday no more achiness, only a little stuff passed, a little fevers at night. Today, a tiny bit passed, a little weak in the morning. March 14 was my first colon cleanse, probably started the fast 10 days later on March 24 – so about 6 weeks of cleansing. Almost done, perhaps done, I can feel it. I wonder if I was one of the most toxic people! Whoa.

    5/7/10 – Crisis at colon cleansing – so much, so fast! Had to get off the table, then evacuated 3x more – tons, within the hour.

    5/10/10 – Major worm exodus. yesterday after my cleansing appt, l looked up in the mirror accidentally, and thought, “Who’s that?” For a second, and “that’s not me.” Georgia said I looked completely different since my first appt. It’s my skin color and texture!

    I’ve been staring at this one liver spot on my hand, hoping it would go away, when I didn’t even notice this bump on my forehead, which has been there at least a year or two, is gone, flat, completely gone. I was used to peel away the dead skin on top of it every couple weeks, and it’s just not there! Isn’t that neat! I was so obsessed with that one spot on my hand, I didn’t notice the others!
    And this process has really taken away my fear of fasting. I now fast without thinking once a week. Of course, I have to with the cleansing, I mean, I choose to, but I’m gonna always do it, I think.
    OH, I meant to say this about the diverticuli I had. If you have diverticulitis, and you don’t colon cleanse, the typical, and almost only treatment is to cut away that part of the intestines. YIKES-ARONI!

    5/17/10 A huge, like 4- inch oval mass departed from the body, after colon cleansing, all in one plop. Georgia said it was, no doubt, an egg mass. Ugghh. I can barely write the words. But it’s gone. And little or no plaque is left in my body, but still some diverticuli.  I’m doing the second round of ParaCleansing, but haven’t seen the worms anymore. They attach to the plaque, so it makes sense that they’d be gone.  The body is so thankful, and am I!

    5/24/10 half dozen or so diverticuli, a couple inches plaque, alot of tiny sediment left, that’s all!rhubarb smoothies really helped eliminate more this week. Georgia says cranberry juice would be good, too!

    6/1/10 Man, so little of anything  today. That is so great! Some sediment, a little, a couple tiny diverticuli, one little piece of plaque, a cm. piece of lettuce from last night’s salad, and one worm, which, to her, looked like a liver fluke! This was an associate of my other therapist, and she has been cleansing for years! She started with hives and other, deep, deep issues. Georgia saved her life, she says. She started with a 30 days fast and cleansing several years ago, and still has parasites, though she cleanses once a month only. She’ll put her story here soon.

    6/9/10 I was so hoping this would be the last day, so little of anything again, except….one liver fluke. What!!! A worm that’s in the liver! Not in the plaque! She says that means there are more, but I’m so emotionally tired of this right now, I’ll keep it down to once/2 weeks or once a month. There was seriously, almost nothing but that. Wow.

    No colon cleanses since 6/9/10

    6/25/10 Just got back from Vilcabamba, where I ate papayas every day, mostly twice a day, along with the other fruits. Started some major cleansing 2 days ago, where I see some worms, at least one liver fluke, and something else – a crescent shaped little guy. I’m still on the paracontrol – 66 days now, so with that, I figure it must be the papaya aiding the cleanse!
    Switched to Parastroy, while I’m waiting for Paracontrol to come in, but it seems even more effective!
    6/26 – more worms and another liver fluke
    6/27 – more worms, tiny and a big liver fluke, as big as a quarter
    6/28 – like, 2o worms/liver flukes every hour or two, about 15 times the last 2 days, oh,my gosh. NO colon cleansing, but did do the beet juice and lemon juice the last 2 days.
    7/2 – 3 more liver flukes, big ones about an inch each and a regular worm
    7/10 – had colon hydrotherapy today, after a month. Hundreds of worms and liver flukes washed away, only one tiny piece of plaque, same as I’ve had the last week or two.
    7/16 – have had vibrant, unusually vibrant, clear, FANTASTIC energy since 7/10~ Wow! I’ve started chi running. I feel so good.
    seeing liver flukes still in waste.

    8/9/10 – finished with the paracontrol, coincidentally started with the mini CTBuster last night. A handful of strange, large, rounder looking worms came out. I’ve read that that was specifically what the buster is for! So that’s cool, except that I still have these worms. They must’ve been hidden in some organs or intestines. The skin on my hands has undergone and sudden improvement and they look beautiful, young and clear! I keep staring at them!
    Mapuana says: “it’s been 13 days since I started using the zapper 24/7 and it’s helped the hives tremendously!! I saw worms the morning after I started using it but not since then. Apparently the parasites disintegrate and I’m very happy with the zapper!!!”

    “Do mean it’s all coming out anyway because of the DE and zapper?” –
    D -Exactly!!!!
    I mean, there was, to be crude, like 20 worms coming out with every poop, same as if , no better than colonics! I had nothing, nothing coming out in the last 2 colonics I did with Georgia. So she/we thought I was totally done cleansing! No way!this was way more efffective, still is, for me. I mean, it works!!! I still have an occasional worm, so I feel that Georgia didn’t know all she was spouting, as far as that worms would be gone when plaque was gone. They were probably in my organs, particularly the liver, since they were liver flukes.

    -had a maintenance colon therapy appt. AND I FEEL WONDERFUL TODAY! Like a rebirth, like a birth of something new. Some sediment came out, some super tiny diverticuli (just a few), which she said is bound to be the case, no parasites (ahhhhh), and some yeast and bile due to strange emotional binge on cheese and crackers, not raw, I’d had a few days prior. And I had felt horrible, physically, just debilitated, just dragged down to the pits…no wonder! I’m so glad I washed that stuff out of me. I feel …oh, happy!
    And now my husband has undergone his 5th or 6th treatment, now fasting 2 1/2 days prior on the beet juice cleanse. What a miracle! He’s had plaque and diverticuli exit. Yay!! Wow. What a man he is. WHo knows what changes this will affect in his life! And to ward off visits to the doctor, in so many ways, OMG, I’m so happy!

  • 16Sep

    Bozeman, Montana’s next raw potluck coming this Saturday, Sept. 26th from 6 p.m

    to 9 p.m. And you’re invited! Comment here to obtain directions to this awesome feast.

    Our local contributors are outstanding raw food chefs and very kind people! Just bring a raw food

    to share!

  • 23Jun

    raw-food-potluck-2Many thanks to Trina, Rebecca, Dorothy, Trish and B.J for an outstanding potluck! 2 kinds of Vege pate, kale salad, greens with pea/ginger dressing and cacao-dipped strawberries! What a feast of wonderful people and beautiful living food!


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