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    Mike Chaet 9:46pm Oct 14

    Check out our new bookstore.


    A great way to get the Whole Health Warrior book, e-book or the workbook.

    Let me know what you think.


    After 40 years in the health club industry I retired and took tim
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    Asking for your help.... Our goal is to reach...

    Mike Chaet 1:32pm Sep 29
    Asking for your help….

    Our goal is to reach 100 Whole Health Warrior blog members by December 31…

    The goal of the Whole Health Warrior blog (www.wholehealthwarrior.blogspot.com) is to help raise global consciousness by sharing information and news that resonates with the philosophy of whole person health as taught by Gabriel Cousens M.D., Mike Chaet Ph.D . and many others, and presented in the Whole Health Warrior books.

    Take a minute and log onto the blog and hit the JOIN button and become a free member.

    Help us grow to the first 100 members and tell your like minded friends to do the same.

    Thanks so much for helping us reach this goal and welcome to the Whole Health Revolution.

    Blessing to all of you…

    Mike Chaet Ph.D.

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    Whole Health Warrior meeting

    Mike Chaet

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope everyone is doing perfect!

    Have some fun stuff to cover
    Wednesday evening…..including
    1. Dealing with deficiencies as a meat eater or as a vegan eater.
    2. Four major issues when considering becoming a vegan.
    3. Meditation as a sacred practice…

    Lots to cover so we will start right at 6 and will finish at 7;15 sharp Mary made me do it!!!!!!!
    Kara’s got the treats and a special announcement.
    Plus it’s happy hour again…

    See you there….

    Next week, bring a dish to share!

  • 02Dec

    Whole Foods List


    Food Combining Rule: don’t mix animal protein with any starches such as baked potatoes, brown rice or other grains.

    Quinoa (Steamed or Sprouted)
    Millet (Steamed or Sprouted)
    Buckwheat (Steamed or Sprouted)
    Amaranth (Steamed or Sprouted)
    Quinoa pasta or other whole grain, gluten-free pastas
    Steamed legumes (lentils, garbanzo beans, etc.)
    Brown rice
    Brown rice products (pasta, rice cakes, etc.)
    Non-GMO corn products
    Cooked whole potatoes
    Sweet potatoes
    Yams, squashes, pumpkins
    Whole grain bread (preferably gluten-free)
    Egg yolks
    Egg whites
    Goat’s cheese (preferably raw)
    Goat’s milk (preferably raw)
    Goat’s sour cream (preferably raw)
    Goat’s cottage cheese (preferably raw)
    Steamed vegetables
    Dried fruit
    Flax crackers
    Natural nut and seed oils
    Olive oil
    Coconut oil
    Apple cider vinegar
    Fermented foods
    Preserved vegetables in oil
    Bee products (honey, pollen, royal jelly, etc.)
    Dehydrated foods
    Superfoods (goji berries, maca, acai, etc.)
    Raw cacao
    Salt (e.g. sea salt, Himalayan salt)
    Whole spices and herbs

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    BPA-Laden Receipts in Popular Stores
    posted by Megan, selected from Mother Nature Network Jul 30, 2010 5:03 pm
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    By Siel Ju, MNN

    BPA, aka bisphenol-A is revealing itself more and more in our lives. The endocrine disruptor linked to cancer, reproductive problems, and lots of other ills, has shown up in some surprising places — including cash register receipts.

    This week, EWG released a report showing not only how much BPA is on these cash receipts, but which companies are giving out the most tainted receipts.

    Ready for the bad news? If you guessed that McDonald’s and KFC serve up BPA alongside their unhealthy monstrosities, you are correct:

    The receipt for a McDonald’s Happy Meal purchased in Clinton, Conn., on April 21, 2010, had an estimated 13 milligrams of BPA. That equals the amount of BPA in 126 cans of Chef Boyardee Overstuffed Beef Ravioli in Hearty Tomato & Meat Sauce, one of the products with the highest concentrations of BPA in EWG’s 2007 tests of canned foods.

    Receipts from CVS, Wal-Mart, Safeway, and the U.S. Postal Service also contained alarming amounts of BPA. But organic foodies at Whole Foods can’t rest easy either; at least one store in the Whole Foods chain gave out BPA-tainted receipts. That means if you decided to snack healthy, bought an organic orange at Whole Foods, took the receipt handed to you, then peeled and ate the orange on your way home, you could very well have eaten the BPA that rubbed off the receipt onto your hands and onto your pricey orange.

    Next: stores with BPA-free receipts
    BPA-Laden Receipts in Popular Stores
    posted by Megan, selected from Mother Nature Network Jul 30, 2010 5:03 pm
    filed under: Conscious Consumer, Health & Wellness, News & Issues, BPA, cvs, receipts, safeway, Whole Foods

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    Now, although the BPA content of these receipts are much higher than in canned foods and bottles, EWG says the risk of BPA exposure is unlikely to be proportionally higher for receipts.

    “The amount of BPA that enters the body after a person handles a receipt is unknown but likely a fraction of the total BPA on the paper.” Still, EWG cites a July study with the Official Food Control Authority of the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland, which found that BPA from receipts can be absorbed into the skin. “This raises the possibility that the chemical infiltrates the skin’s lower layers to enter the bloodstream directly.” And of course, if you lick your fingers or handle food after touching receipts, you could be putting BPA into your food.

    What’s a BPA-avoidant person who has already banned the can and gotten a BPA-free reusable bottle to do? EWG recommends declining receipts whenever you can, washing hands before eating, storing receipts separately, and not using alcohol-based hand cleaners after handling receipts. But the receipts pose a seriously pesky problem that infiltrates all areas of life. If you buy a magazine at a bookstore, will you remember to wash your hands before, say, licking a finger to turn a page?

    There is a little good news: Target, Starbucks, Bank of America ATMs and — in case Barbara Boxer’s reading this post — the U.S. Senate cafeteria, all give BPA-free receipts. And hopefully, as this BPA receipt issue gains traction, more companies will switch to BPA-free receipts. Because while EWG points out that the “U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has initiated a program to evaluate the safety and availability of alternatives to BPA in thermal paper,” it’s unclear how long this evaluation — let alone actual enforcement of new anti-BPA laws — will take.

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